Cannabis Is The Solution


FILE ISRAEL CANNABIS LEGALIZATION USACannabis-based components have a healing result, health administrators have revealed. Products comprising cannabidiol, further acknowledged as CBD, are now classified as medicines by the UK regulatory group.

It was seen to have a restoring, correcting or modifying impact on physiological functions when offered to individuals. However, the Class B drug itself has not been identified as having any advantages and is still prohibited from possessing.


They have come to the conclusion that products comprising cannabidiol are a medicine. Products for healing use must have a medicines’ permit before they can be legitimately marketed, supplied or sold in the United Kingdom.

Products will have to reach safety, excellence and effectiveness measures to preserve public well-being. If you use CBD and if you have any problems, talk to your GP or another healthcare expert. The Medicines and Healthcare stocks Regulatory Agency, responsible, has said to firms they have 28 days to get a permit to lawfully market the ingredients.


It reflects a report on a cannabidiol vapouriser which was determined to assist myriads of people suffering from a variety of infirmities. They determined it had substantial benefits and chose to list it as medication.

It suggests companies will soon have to guarantee their cannabis-based products reach safety tests.

Those corporations marketing products without having permission could risk time in jail or a hefty penalty. Sativex, a prescription only medicine used by sufferers suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, is the exclusive commissioned cannabis-based product in the country currently.

Pot, marijuana, grass, they’re all names for cannabis. For decades people have used the plant for fun, however, sick people are frequently using the drug as a painkiller. Cannabis is a potent herb which has been used for pain relief for hundreds of years. There’s just one glitch, it is prohibited.

Notwithstanding this, people are risking going to prison to give the drug to complete strangers who state that they urgently need to use cannabis as a painkiller. Organisations have sprung up in the North East and Cumbria who partake one purpose, to give medicinal cannabis, free of charge, to those in critical need of pain relief.

Twice a week in a community of the North of England, enlistees at the mail order firm THC4MS set to work. However, this is a mail order enterprise with diversity, the firm gives out cannabis-laced chocolate to people with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Two hundred nicely packed packages make their way to the houses of bone fide MS patients all over the land. The process is covered in darkness, and for a valid purpose. What they’re doing could land them with a heavy jail sentence.


Every chocolate block comprises real cannabis worth £20, but THC4MS give it out for free. To keep the process going, the organisation relies on contributions, of chocolate, cannabis and money. THC4MS stands for Therapeutic Help from Cannabis for Multiple Sclerosis.

It was established in 1998 following a discussion about cannabis and MS on the Kilroy television show. THC4MS relies on contributions of raw cannabis from farmers across the United Kingdom and supplies medicinal cannabis chocolate to people with MS nationwide.

The organisation does not purchase or market cannabis or cannabis chocolate. It is a non-profit making association with the single purpose of serving those in need. THC4MS presently has so many patients that it holds a record of them. It has 330 catalogued receivers of its product, and there’s a further three new enquiries from MS sufferers every day.

The organisation gives out about 70 chocolate cannabis bars a month. Every chocolate bar has 24 squares, and receivers usually take up to three squares a day to ease their pain. One woman who knows about the impact of MS. When she was diagnosed at the age of 20, she was completely destroyed.

She went from being a pretty busy hairstylist to being a disabled person. She couldn’t walk, she couldn’t talk, she couldn’t dress, she couldn’t clean her appearance. At 20 it was colossal. She thinks that she has benefited from taking the cannabis chocolate.

Using it makes her walk better, it makes her arms work better, it makes her see better. It makes her speech work, it prevents her wetting herself and it prevents her toppling over. Presently it makes her feel a little better than she did when she wasn’t taking it.

A different woman is an MS sufferer. She has had MS for 10 years, and for five of those, she has smoked cannabis to alleviate her pain. At the very start, it was her daughter who got it for her. However, she was really concerned about endangering her daughter in that way. She could have got into a bunch of problems with the police.

Sometimes she has to go without cannabis for periods as supplies can be unpredictable. But when the pain actually kicks in, cannabis benefits and, as a consequence, She states that she can at least accomplish to get out of bed in the morning.

Presently she’s trying something different, her first ever lot of cannabis chocolate. Clearly, it’s a new way of using cannabis. Furthermore, she feels excited but cautious. She stated that she will take tiny nibbles and do it slowly to get the effect.

She is dazzled by the effects. She stated, it tastes very nice, it just tastes like chocolate. The pins and needles in her legs are unquestionably less. It really feels as if her head’s clearer than it was and she might just venture out.

She stated, that it’s nice to think that all she has to do is to open the fridge door and she’ll be able to have some chocolate which will ease her pain. She is happy that there are presently groups that have the determination and the guts to come forth to support people like herself.

However, there’s still the dilemma of legitimacy and taking the drug carefully. A Sixty-six-year-old lady from Northumberland is Britain’s leading unlikely drug supplier. This pensioner could go to prison for purchasing cannabis which she adds to food which she prepares for herself and for suffering friends who live near her home.

It all began when she was involved in a car accident and suffered a series of family disasters. She further developed severe arthritis. Her initial practice of attempting to purchase cannabis was bemusing and would plausibly frighten most old age pensioners.

The first cannabis she purchased, she was told to go to a pub in Newcastle. She said she stood there seeming out of place with her shopping trolley. Finally, she obtained a seller who peddled her a tiny packet of cannabis for £20.

She had no inkling what to expect or what she was actually getting into.

Today she’s still violating the law, this time to serve others and to hold the clandestine supply lines accessible. She’s really like a little district nurse, but rather than going about with hypodermic syringes and stuff, she goes round with cartons of food which will keep them pain-free.

She is continually scared of being discovered, she is constantly worried that she is going to collide into the Police.

The specific beneficial properties of cannabis as a medication have been known for hundreds of years. Medicinal cannabis was originally written about by the Ancient Chinese in Sheen Nung’s Pen Ts’ao in 2737BC. The Roman interventionist Dioscorides further glorified its medicinal properties in 70AD whilst the English herbalist Culpeper wrote about it in the Complete Herbal and English Physician.

Cannabis was used extensively for its medicinal advantage until the 20th Century when it was discredited and finally forbidden. Over the last five years, there has been a re-examination of the drug’s potential as a medicinal remedy.

In 2004 Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary took part in a nationwide test to examine if cannabis could reduce the manifestations of MS. Patients who took part saw some change in their condition, though outcomes were diverse.

These that noticed a change described a pain decrease, better sleep quality, and a decrease in spasms. Nevertheless, development in manufacturing cannabis ready for medical use through the NHS has been slow.

As a consequence, we are presently witnessing the first movements to co-ordinate the supply of cannabis by specific interest organisations inside communities. Bud Buddies is managed by Jeffrey Ditchfield. He makes illegal cannabis lotions, capsules and ready-rolled joints, and mails them to people that are suffering.

It is not a business initiative. He is taking enormous risks, he’s been arrested five times. However, he is explicit about his plans, he states that what he is doing is a medical urgency. Before Bud Buddies began supporting people, they were having to get cannabis from their neighbourhood dealer.

The kind of cannabis these sellers trade only comprises 6% cannabis. The rest is plastic, diesel, ketamine, a horse tranquillizer, therefore people are harming their well-being by going to sellers. Additionally, they’ve got the risk of being ripped off or attacked.

These people in wheelchairs shouldn’t have to go down back alleys to face scumbag dealers to get something which, effectively to them, is a medicine.

Despite the claims regarding the medicinal benefit of cannabis, it continues to be an illicit drug.

On January 29, 2004, cannabis was reclassified from a Class B to a Class C drug in the United Kingdom, based on a proposal from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs. Nevertheless, the Home Secretary has presently requested a reconsideration of the decision to lower cannabis, as fresh investigations hint a clear connection between the drug and mental illness.

Charles Clarke has presently directed the body to examine if the new research which leads it to revise its judgment.

There are many medications out there that are much more lethal to the body, and we now know that used over a lengthy time cause much other debilitating maladies other than the ones that people first had. These drugs pollute the body and cause other things to be wrong with people, however, they are on the market as a legal medicine, and nobody appears to challenge that.

However, here we have cannabis which is banned, and the government are content to throw that out of the window, yet it’s likely that this remedy could benefit thousands of people with MS and comparable disabilities.

A home office spokesperson stated, that to support the farming and possession of cannabis would produce a distinct tension between the Government working to promote an increased amount of cannabis and its educational message, to young people in particular, that all regulated drugs, including cannabis, are dangerous and that no one should take them.

In that situation, why don’t they take all medication off the market since clearly, they are all dangerous?

If cannabis was made statutory and converted into a medication for just medicinal purposes, it would benefit thousands of people throughout the globe, and it is improbable that it would make any contrast to what occurs presently, and young people who get it illegally will still attempt to get illegally, however, the contrast, for these sick people, is, that it would become legal to get by prescription, and it will make their lives so much greater.

It’s unbelieve that a government that is deemed to be sympathetic would have a limited perception of this, and developing such a drug would be pretty straightforward to do, in a sensible and controlled way. The problem is, people are spontaneous and are led by their emotions, and act by their spontaneous and habitual habits, and accept what they’re told.

fu xi

The Chinese Emperor Fu Hsi (ca. 2900 BC), whom the Chinese account with leading civilisation to China, appears to have made reference to Ma, the Chinese term for Cannabis, noting that Cannabis was a very successful medicine that possessed both yin and yang.

According to Chinese myth, the ruler Shen Nung (circa 2700 BC, further acknowledged as Chen Nung) deemed the Father of Chinese medicine founded marijuana’s medicinal attributes as well as those of two other strengths of Chinese herbal medicine, ginseng and ephedra.

The usage of cannabis for purposes of healing predates documented history. The earliest recorded evidence is seen in the 15th century BC Chinese Pharmacopeia, the Rh-Ya. Holy anointing oil, as defined in the original Hebrew translation of the recipe in Exodus (30:22-23), held over six pounds of kaneh-bosem, a substance recognized by esteemed etymologists, linguists, anthropologists, botanists and other researchers as cannabis, extracted into about six measures of olive oil, along with a description of other aromatic herbs. The ancient anointed ones were actually saturated in this potent mix.

Marijuana defenders insinuate that the method for the anointing oil given from God to Moses involved cannabis or kaneh-bosm in Hebrew. They point to stories asking for fragrant cane, which they state was falsely altered to the plant calamus in the King James translation of the Testament.


Cannabis microspores are seen on the mummy of Ramesses II, who died in 1213 BC. Prescriptions for cannabis in Ancient Egypt incorporate medication for the eyes (glaucoma), swelling, and cooling the uterus, as well as managing enemas.

Bhang, a cannabis liquid commonly combined with milk, is used as an anaesthetic and anti-phlegmatic in India. Cannabis began to be practised in India to manage a broad category of human illnesses. In ancient Greece, cannabis was utilised as a treatment for an earache, oedema, and swelling.


George Washington’s journal records show that he grew hemp at Mount Vernon, his plantation, for nearly 30 years. According to his farming records, he had a special interest in the medicinal use of Cannabis, and some of his journal records show that he certainly was producing Cannabis with a high Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, marijuana.


Cannabis was reintroduced into British medicine in 1842 by Dr William O’Shaughnessy, an army doctor who had worked in India. In Victorian times it was generally adopted for a diversity of illnesses, including muscle spasms, menstrual cramps, rheumatism, and the convulsions of tetanus, rabies and epilepsy, it was further used to improve uterine contractions in labour, and as a sedative to cause sleep.

NPG 708; Queen Victoria by Lady Julia Abercromby, after  Heinrich von Angeli

It is stated to have been used by Queen Victoria against period pains, but there is no real evidence of this at all, but Sir Robert Russell, for numerous years her private doctor, wrote widely on cannabis, supporting it for use in dysmenorrhea, menstrual cramps. It was given by mouth, not by smoking, however, normally in the form of a tincture, an infusion in alcohol. Cannabis infusions were further included in several different proprietary medicines.

Its healing properties are astounding and seem to treat a number of illnesses, particularly in cancer sufferers. Cannabis can destroy cancer cells and shrink one of the most severe kinds of brain tumours, new information shows.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse in the US has revealed, in its updated publication on marijuana, that the drug gives benefits to some cancer sufferers. Recent animal studies have shown that marijuana extracts may help kill certain cancer cells and reduce the size of others.

Current animal investigations have revealed that marijuana infusions should help destroy some cancer cells and decrease the mass of others. Data from one animal study implies that infusions from the whole-plant marijuana can reduce the growth of cancer cells from one of the most severe types of brain tumours.

Studies in mice revealed that these infusions when practised with radioactivity, raised the cancer-killing results of the radioactivity. The term medicinal marijuana relates to using the entire unprocessed plant or its primary infusions to manage a condition or manifestation.

Currently, the drug is not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a prescription drug.

Nevertheless, studies of the chemicals in marijuana, cannabinoids, has directed the FDA to support two medications that contain cannabinoid compounds. Currently, two cannabinoids, of about 100, are of medical attention, THC and CBD.

THC improves appetite and decreases nausea. It can further reduce pain, inflammation and muscle control difficulties. CBD is a cannabinoid that does not alter one’s perception or performance.

Maybe we should have a place like the Gesundheit Institute, where its purpose is to combine a traditional hospital with alternative medicine. There should be no charge for the care of patients, now, sufferers usually get sutured so to speak and sent home.

We must kill the concept of money in medical communication. We cannot think of a society which does not care for its people. We do not want people to believe they owe anything, and trust is necessary to the care interaction.

Enough time should be given to the care interaction, however, it’s not and 7 minutes surgery appointments is just not acceptable. We are there so that a doctor might be able to heal us, and if they can’t cure us, then they should send the patient to the hospital for additional examinations, and not believe that they can cure the sufferer themselves.

Medical cannabis has been used for hundreds of years, and I agree it should not be given out willy-nilly, but for those who truly need it, and if there is proof that a man, woman or child needs it because they are suffering, then there should be no difficulty with this idea.

Frequently, people see this sort of pastime repugnant, and perhaps to many it is, however, it’s people’s expectations that prevents other people from a more gratifying life, especially if it means they are no longer in so much discomfort as they were before.

We are social beings and we need each other to endure and flourish. And I realise that doctors are not godly, however, they must be skilled in all features of their work, incorporating management, research and teaching.

If they are incapable of learning, then we must educate them and acquaint them with the benefits of cannabis. Doctors need to be more insightful, they are not retarded, they know how medically this would benefit their patients, and they must educate themselves to this reality.

More than 20 states throughout the country have sanctioned medical marijuana. Plus experts have been changing their minds too. Whilst recreational marijuana usage is questionable, several people favour and think that the drug should be legalised for medical management.

Also even though the advantages of smoking cannabis may be exaggerated by advocates of marijuana legalisation, fresh legislation will assist researchers examine the drug’s therapeutic uses and better understand how it affects the body.

Currently, just 6% of investigations on marijuana examine its medicinal traits. Keep in mind, though, that there are adverse impacts of smoking too much marijuana or using it for non-medicinal purposes. When misused or violated, marijuana can lead to dependency and mess with your thoughts and emotions.

There are at least two active chemicals in marijuana that researchers believe have medicinal purposes. Those are cannabidiol (CBD), which appears to affect the brain without a high, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is pain relieving and has other properties.

Additionally keep in mind that some of these health advantages can possibly be achieved by taking THC pills like Dronabinol, an artificial form of THC, which in some ways might be more useful than smoked marijuana.

Parliament’s Arranged Repair Costs


A parliamentary committee recommended an expected £4 billion project which would see MPs and peers move out of the Houses of Parliament whilst essential improvements are carried out to avert a catastrophic situation at the well-known building.

However, one of the MPs on the commission warned that the actual expense of the work could be significantly greater and implied that leaving the Dwelling in favour of a purpose-built modern facility could be a better choice.

Work by specialists Deloitte had advised that the project would cost about £4 billion. However, it will be significantly more than that once the full specifications of the project are gone through and once they get into the bones of delivering it.

Each DIY job on an old construction perpetually yields difficulties. And any structure like the Palace of Westminster, where you’ve had add-ons, replacements and old-fashioned archaic structure, is going to see some rather costly pitfalls on the way.

The concern with it is when they get into the stomach of the basement and they discover goodness knows what since that’s antiquated stuff down there. Till decisions are performed regarding the extent of the work it would be hard to conclude a budget.

Though it can be virtually promised that the expenses are going to be higher than £4 billion, and it has been called for attention to be addressed to depart the Palace of Westminster permanently. There are possible opportunities in a new-build parliament, and if you go to the Scottish Parliament, it’s an airy, bright, accessible construction.

Say what you will regarding the outside, some people like it, some people dislike it, but when you’re in the building, it’s well-functioning, simple to manage. Compare that with the Palace and it’s quite the contrary.

We require an accommodating parliament, not just on the surface, but on the core as well. We require something that is engaging, not just on the surface, but on the inside as well, however, some people are resistant to reform, they are used to the style the Palace of Westminster is and are not interested in changing it.

It’s a well-known structure, I give you that, though sometimes change is much greater. Sometimes we must expand our horizons to accomplish greater things and the answer is to change. Whilst some people might be opposed to this idea, I think in the end they will grow accustomed to it.

Creating a new parliament structure will not be detrimental to anyone, it’s just a building, bricks and mortar, and its impact will withdraw from an old-fashioned structure to a functional structure that matches in with this period.

We can’t dwell in the yesterday, we have to look to the tomorrow, and we have to say our solaces to the structure that we know so well and say hi to something brighter and better, and it’s a pity that the ancient structure has to go, however, we must remember that we are not sacrificing, and nobody is to blame, it is just what it is, an old-fashioned construction that necessitates modernizing.

Most Recent Tapes Expose Trump


On Saturday afternoon, CNN issued various audio snips from the Howard Stern program, of discussions among Donald Trump and Howard Stern. In the freshly rediscovered snips as Trump makes questionable remarks about his daughter, Ivanka, and talks about his views on sex with females who are menstruating, sex with black women, threesomes, sex habits, sex with Miss USA contestants, and more.


Some of the snips highlight Trump discussing Ivanka’s physique. In a September 2004 discussion, Stern challenges Trump if he can relate to Ivanka as a bit of ass. Trump replies yes, and that his daughter is impressive, states Trump, and following a second back and forth, Stern questions: “Can I say this? A piece of ass,” to which Trump replies with “Yeah.”

In an October 2006 discussion, when Stern made a remark about Ivanka’s boobs and questioned if she had received implants, Trump replied that she’s really always been pretty salacious. That she’s tall, she’s nearly 6 feet tall and she’s an astonishing vision.

Mother Jones and different outlets have previously written snips of Trump making rude remarks about females on Stern’s program, including one where he announces that Jennifer Lopez’s bottom is too large. In another, Trump reacts to an inquiry from Stern about if he’d stay with Melania if she was mutilated in a car collision by questioning, “How do the breasts look?”

In a 1997 discussion snip uncovered by CNN, Stern questions Trump if he’s ever had sex with a menstruating female. “Donald, seriously, you would not, right, am I correct?” Stern remarks.

Trump announces that he’s been there and that we all have. I can’t speak for the remainder of our society, and I’m certain numerous men have, but not all of them.

Later in the same discussion, Stern questions Trump if he’s ever had a black woman in bed. Trump answers by questioning Stern what his interpretation of black is. Stern says that it’s amusing, seeing as his bed is a rainbow. The rainbow alliance, as Rev. Jesse would answer,” replies Trump.

In further interviews distributed by CNN, Trump announces age 35 check-out time when it comes to leaving women and replies to a subject about whether he’s had a threesome, and he said that we all have had a threesome.

I’m not convinced the overall populace would agree with that, and to my understanding, I’m not certain if that would be everyone’s cup of tea. I think we need to educate Donald Trump on the art of sexual activity between lovers.

From the noises of what Trump is showing us, obviously, passion is dead and buried, and apparently, we are endeavouring back to the caveman, and I’m working very hard to understand where this man gets his ideas from, obviously from underneath his very expensive toupee, that looks a bit like a rug.

Yes, that’s right, Donald Trump does not wear a toupee, it’s been established. What do they say about assumption being the brother of all fuck-ups? Of course, it’s the mother of all fuck-ups, stupid. Brother, mother, any other sucker. It doesn’t make any difference. He’s still a fucking idiot and he might not wear a toupee, but still looks like he’s wearing one.

If he believes that people all over the world involve themselves in threesomes, then he’s more of a moron than I imagined, but he’s got a tremendous amount of fans in people, mind you, that don’t indicate much, Hitler had an immense following, and look what happened there.

People need to be armed with lots of information about this man before they start following him around like the pied piper of Hamlin, but at the moment all they are armed with is bad breath, colourful language, and a feather duster.

He actually doesn’t have to compete for the presidency, considering that he has a share in most businesses in the United States: Real Estate, Hotels, Skyscrapers, Plaza’s, Casino’s, Hotels, Golf courses, Football and boxing, Beauty Pageants, Universities, Branding and licencing, and has twice been chosen for an Emmy Award, that’s probably because he’s a bit of a comedian, and actually shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Model management and presently electioneering. Is there nothing this man can’t do or doesn’t control? And even though I applaud his chutzpah, I find the man himself repugnant. But people seem to have a deep affection for him, and that is their weakness.

Donald Trump is supposedly not a sideshow but the central performance in the GOP presidential sweepstakes. People like his character and his politics. Some people not only like his beliefs, but they further admire the way that he conveys it, but their stupidity might be his one and only saving grace to become elected as the President of the United States.

Shyster comes to mind when I study this man, but he’s a smart shyster and not stupid at all. Shrewd people like this would take the pickings from their grandmother’s nose and sell it, making a large deal of interest. Plus if Trump becomes President, he will sell the people of America down the swanny river.

Charm, plus a strong message has always been the recipe for political victory. Trump is frequently incorrect, but what matters is that he constantly appears right, of course, he does, that’s because he’s attempting to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.

The people are reacting to his dynamism, to order, to movement, to smiling, to facial emotions that convey his authority. Couple that supreme confidence with simplistic, spontaneous statements that resonate with citizens on a profound level. The effect is a psychologically intoxicating blend.

The more Trump is scrutinised, the more successful he seems to get. Nothing appears to be able to put them off their candidate. In fact, when competitors tackle him, Trump’s numbers go up, however, there is a contention among people that I’ve seen over the internet over the past couple of weeks regarding Trump, particularly with this Robert De Niro thing that has gone viral.

US superstar Robert De Niro has bulldozed a brutal assault at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, describing him a pig and declaring he would like to punch him in the face, well, we are all allowed to judge.

Robert described Trump as stupid, and stupid he is not, otherwise he wouldn’t have his thumb in every pie. He might be a bully, a mongrel, a mutt who doesn’t do his homework, and who doesn’t care, but none of them actually care, and when it comes down to it, they assure the people this and that but never come up with the goods, and if chosen could be a really dangerous person.

Robert stated that it makes him so furious that the country has reached a point that this idiot, has wound up where he has. Quite… it’s not hard to reach where he has got, particularly when his money has got him there. I don’t reckon he would have got anyplace without all his billions of bucks, and without it, he would just be a nothing, in fact, he would never have been discovered.

Why would Trump want to hit people in the face? That’s clearly not the way to go about things, which leads me back to, how in the Hades has he become so successful with an approach like that?


De Niro made reference to the evidence that in February the billionaire announced he wanted to strike a radical at one of his demonstrations, and in March Mr Trump announced he would meet the legal costs of a man who punched another protester at a demonstration. Is he presently developing a new Hitler regime, well, obviously so with all his german ancestry?

A video was created as part of the #VoteYourFuture campaign, which highlights celebs asking people to use their democratic power and pitch their vote in the polls this November. Those who took part in the move to increase elective support included Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson.

They were all asked one simplistic inquiry: “What do you care about?”

What do the people of America care about? Plus people need to air on caution when responding to this inquiry since this is a pretty tense time, but the importance should be about what people care about, what they desire for their country. It’s about them, and their country, not about how many majorities they can give to Trump because they don’t need to give him the Trump card.

He is now a billionaire in his own right, what does he want with the rest of the country? What, does this man need to feel powerful, god-like perhaps, or does he just want to take over the world?

Irena Sendler


Irena Sendler (née Krzyżanowska), also cited to as Irena Sendlerowa in Poland, nom de guerre “Jolanta” (15 February 1910 – 12 May 2008), was a Polish nurse and social worker who worked in the Polish Underground in German-occupied Warsaw throughout World War II, and was leader of the children’s division of Żegota, the Polish Council to Aid Jews (Polish: Rada Pomocy Żydom), which was operating from 1942 to 1945.


Helped by some two dozen other Żegota members, Sendler smuggled about 2,500 Jewish children out of the Warsaw Ghetto and then gave them fake identification papers and security outside the Ghetto, saving those children from the Holocaust. With the exclusion of diplomats who issued visas to assist Jews to escape Nazi-occupied Europe, Sendler rescued more Jews than any other person throughout the Holocaust.


The German occupiers ultimately uncovered her movements and she was captured by the Gestapo, beaten, and condemned to death, however, she managed to escape execution and survived the war. In 1965, Sendler was acknowledged by the State of Israel as Righteous among the Nations. Late in life, she was given the Order of the White Eagle, Poland’s greatest honour, for her wartime humanitarian efforts.


Irena Sendler was born as Irena Krzyżanowska on 15 February 1910 in Warsaw to Dr Stanisław Krzyżanowski, a physician, and his wife, Janina. She grew up in Otwock, a town approximately 15 miles south-east of Warsaw, where there was a lively Jewish neighbourhood.


Her father perished in February 1917 from typhus incurred whilst attending patients. Following his passing, Jewish neighbourhood leaders endeavoured to support her mother to pay for Sendler’s education, although her mother refused their help. Sendler studied Polish literature at Warsaw University and entered the Polish Socialist Party. She fought the ghetto-bench system that lived at some pre-war Polish universities and mutilated her grade card. As a consequence of this public demonstration, she was barred from the University of Warsaw for three years.


She married Mieczysław Sendler in 1931, but, they divorced in 1947. She then married Stefan Zgrzembski, a Jewish friend from her university days, by who she had three children, Janina, Andrzej, who perished in infancy, and Adam, who died of heart failure in 1999. In 1959 she divorced Zgrzembski and remarried her first husband, Mieczysław Sendler; but, they ultimately divorced again.


Sendler travelled to Warsaw preceding to the explosion of World War II and worked for the cities Social Welfare departments. She started helping Jews shortly following the German attack in 1939, by leading a gathering of co-workers who produced more than 3,000 fake documents to assist Jewish families. This work was executed at enormous peril, as, after October 1941, giving any sort of aid to Jews in German-occupied Poland was punishable by death, not just for the person who was giving the help but also for their whole family or home. Poland was the only nation in German-occupied Europe in which such a death sentence was implemented.


In August 1943, Sendler, by then identified by her nom de guerre Jolanta, was chosen by Żegota, the secret organisation further identified as the Council to Aid Jews, to head its Jewish children’s division. As an assistant of the Social Welfare Department, she had a special permit to access the Warsaw Ghetto to examine for symptoms of typhus, a condition the Germans feared would expand beyond the Ghetto. Throughout these visits, she bore a Star of David as a symbol of solidarity with the Jewish people. Under the guise of conducting examinations of hygienic conditions inside the Ghetto, Sendler and her co-workers smuggled out infants and tiny children, sometimes in ambulances and trams, sometimes hiding them in bags and cases, and using many other means.

Jewish children were put with Polish families, the Warsaw orphanage of the Sisters of the Family of Mary, or Roman Catholic nunneries such as the Little Sister Servants of the Blessed Virgin Mary Conceived Immaculate. Sendler served closely with a gathering of around 30 enlistees, principally women, who comprised Zofia Kossak-Szczucka, a resistance fighter and writer, and Matylda Getter, Mother Provincial of the Franciscan Sisters of the Family of Mary.

According to American historian Debórah Dwork, Sendler was the inspiration and the prime mover for the whole network that saved those 2,500 Jewish children. Nearly 400 of the children were directly smuggled out by Sendler herself. She and her co-workers buried lists of the hidden children in containers in order to keep a record of their original and new identities. The plan was to return the children to their original families when the conflict was over.

In 1943 Sendler was captured by the Gestapo and rigorously tortured. The Gestapo beat her mercilessly, breaking her feet and legs in the process. Despite this, she refused to reveal any of her comrades or the children they saved and was condemned to death by firing squad. Żegota spared her life by bribing the guards on the way to her martyrdom. Following her escape, she disappeared from the Germans, however, returned to Warsaw under a false name and resumed her association with the Żegota. Throughout the Warsaw Uprising, she served as a nurse in a state hospital, where she hid five Jews. She continued to serve as a nurse until the Germans left Warsaw, fleeing before the advancing Soviet troops.

Following the war, she and her co-workers collected all of the children’s records with the names and places of the hidden Jewish children and gave them to their Żegota co-worker Adolf Berman and his team at the Central Committee of Polish Jews. Nevertheless, most all of the children’s parents had been murdered at the Treblinka extermination camp or had gone missing.

Following the war, Sendler was incarcerated from 1948 to 1949 and ruthlessly cross-examined by the communist secret police, Urząd Bezpieczeństwa, owing to her associations with Poland’s principal resistance organisation, the Home Army, which was true to the wartime Polish government in exile.

As a consequence, she gave birth early to her son, Andrzej, who did not survive. Although she was finally released and agreed to join the communist party, her links to the AK indicated that she was never made into a hero. In fact, in 1965 when Sendler was acknowledged by Yad Vashem as one of the Polish Righteous amongst the Nations, Poland’s communist government did not permit her to travel overseas at that time to accept the award in Israel, she was able to do so only in 1983. She was later hired as a teacher and vice-director in many Warsaw medical schools and served for the Ministries of Education and Health. She was further active in many social work programs. She helped establish a number of orphanages and care centres for children, families and the elderly, as well as a centre for prostitutes in Henryków. Nevertheless, she was pressured into early retirement for her public protestations of support for Israel in the 1967 Israeli-Arab War, countries of the Soviet-controlled Eastern Bloc, comprising Poland, broke off diplomatic relationships with Israel in the aftereffect of this conflict. Sendler abdicated her PZPR association following the events of March 1968 in Poland.

She was later hired as a teacher and vice-director in many Warsaw medical schools and served for the Ministries of Education and Health. She was further active in many social work programs. She helped establish a number of orphanages and care centres for children, families and the elderly, as well as a centre for prostitutes in Henryków. Nevertheless, she was pressured into early retirement for her public protestations of support for Israel in the 1967 Israeli-Arab War, countries of the Soviet-controlled Eastern Bloc, comprising Poland, broke off diplomatic relationships with Israel in the aftereffect of this conflict. Sendler abdicated her PZPR association following the events of March 1968 in Poland.

Nevertheless, she was pressured into early retirement for her public protestations of support for Israel in the 1967 Israeli-Arab War, countries of the Soviet-controlled Eastern Bloc, comprising Poland, broke off diplomatic relationships with Israel in the aftereffect of this conflict. Sendler abdicated her PZPR association following the events of March 1968 in Poland.

In 1980 she entered the Solidarity movement.

Irena Sendler remained in Warsaw for the rest of her life. She died on 12 May 2008, aged 98, and is buried in Warsaw’s Powązki Cemetery.

In 1965 Sendler was acknowledged by Yad Vashem as one of the Polish Righteous among the Nations, and a tree was planted in her honour at the gateway to the Avenue of the Righteous. Nevertheless, there was no additional public acknowledgement of her wartime resistance and humanitarian accomplishments until after the end of communist control in Poland.

In 1991 Sendler was selected as an honorary citizen of Israel. On 12 June 1996, she was given the Commander’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta. She got a higher variant of this award, the Commander’s Cross with Star, on 7 November 2001.

Nonetheless, Irena Sendler’s accomplishments remained mostly hidden to the world until 1999, when pupils at a high school in Uniontown, Kansas, along with their teacher Norman Conard, produced a play based on their investigation into her life story, which they called Life in a Jar. It was a remarkable accomplishment, staging above 200 times in the United States and overseas, and significantly contributed to publicising Sendler’s story globally.

On March 2002, B’nai Jehudah Temple of Kansas City presented Sendler, Conard and the pupils who created the performance with its yearly award for contributions made to saving the world, the Tikkun Olam Award. The performance was modified for television as The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler, 2009, directed by John Kent Harrison, in which Sendler was characterised by actor Anna Paquin.

In 2003, Pope John Paul II sent Sendler a private message praising her wartime efforts. On 10 November 2003 she received the Order of the White Eagle, Poland’s greatest civilian medal, and the Polish-American award, the Jan Karski Award For Courage and Heart, given by the American Center for Polish Culture in Washington, D.C.

In the years 2006, 2007, and 2008 she was chosen for the Nobel Peace Prize. On 14 March 2007, Sendler was honoured by the Polish Senate, and a year later, on 30 July, by the American Congress. On 11 April 2007, she got the Order of the Smile, at that time she was the oldest receiver of the award. In 2007 she became an honorary citizen of the cities of Warsaw and Tarczyn.

On the occasion of the Order of the Smile award, she stated that the award from children is amongst her favourite ones, along with the Righteous among the Nations award and the letter from the Pope.

In April 2009 she was posthumously awarded the Humanitarian of the Year award from The Sister Rose Thering Endowment, and in May 2009, Sendler was posthumously awarded the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award.

Around this time American filmmaker Mary Skinner filmed a documentary, Irena Sendler, in the Name of Their Mothers, Polish: Dzieci Ireny Sendlerowej, highlighting the latest interviews Sendler gave before her passing. The film made its national U.S. broadcast debut through KQED Presents on PBS in May 2011 in honour of Holocaust Remembrance Day and went on to win numerous honours, comprising the 2012 Gracie Award for best public television documentaries.

In 2013 the walkway in front of the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw was named after Irena Sendler.

In 2010 a memorial plaque acknowledging Sendler was affixed to the wall of 2 Pawińskiego Street in Warsaw, a building in which she worked from 1932 to 1935. In 2015 she was acknowledged with another memorial plaque at 6 Ludwiki Street, where she lived from the 1930s to 1943.

Her kindness to assist others knew no bounds. She had this craving and hunger that illuminated everyone around her, and anything that befell her, she would not be broken, and she was ready for anything, and she had shaped her life for the dangerous and perilous times ahead of her.

These helpless children simply wouldn’t have survived without Irena Sendler, and her capture and imprisonment mean that she gave these children their freedom, otherwise they would have been helpless against the Nazi’s.

Her need to protect these children should be a lesson for those who want to try and dominate us again. The fact is, that we will not be defeated, whatever happens, to us in the tomorrow there will always be somebody like Irena Sendler to save the day.

Couple That Starved Dog To Death


The photo reveals Aaron Weilding and his beautiful sweetheart, Selina Gibson. They live in Edlington, Doncaster, UK and used to have two wonderful darling dogs. However, their knowledge of having a dog is as serious as it can get.

This cruel duo neglected their dogs so bad until they passed away. They took it upon themselves to starve the pets in their yard for weeks and weeks and did not give it a thought. As you can observe in the images, both Mr Weilding and Ms Gibson made sure they never skipped a meal.

In the meantime, their two dogs were left in great distress and pain in the yard. They were kept on a large chain, primarily unable to move, and were stripped of food and water for weeks. No one ever bothered to check on them.

When one of the dogs sadly passed away owing to the absence of food, the other one began feeding on him, in a despairing effort to stay alive. The only piece left of the dog were its jaws. Despite doing everything he could to sustain himself, but the second canine didn’t make it through either.

Throughout the hearing, the pair displayed regret with regards to their negligence and said they just overlooked the dogs in their backyard. It’s utterly frightening and surreal that somebody can forget that he owns pets.

Not one, but two. The agony through which these weak souls were made to go through cannot be expressed in words. However, despite the ruthlessness of their actions, the pair were only given a suspended prison term and a fine.

This effectively indicates they will not spend a single day behind bars. How can this be a favourable result after all they put these dogs through?

Sadly, this is yet another example from the United Kingdom in which perpetrators end up strolling away with a pat on the wrist and no sentence is served. There have been far too many related incidents in the past few years.


It is growing more apparent that the Animal Welfare Act of 2006 is simply antiquated and needs to be examined as early as possible. The maximum sentence for brutality to pets is an insignificant six months prison term, however, please note that the maximum sentence is seldom employed, since defendants normally agree to plea bargains.

Please support harder penalties for such types of crimes and urge the British judicial system to pay more attention to animal welfare. Animals deserve better and a clear message that abusing animals is unacceptable and needs to be shown to the British public.

These exceptional dogs had their entire life to experience but this couple concluded it was in their best interest to starve them to death until they died, and not only die, but were left to dine off the one that had languished in so much pain in the meantime.

This is a tremendous concern, and should be made known with a turbulent roar, and this duo is being made to seem like superstars in the newspapers. No one has the right to treat an animal the way that they both did, and this is a really serious crime, and should have been treated as such.

How can one overlook their animals, you simply couldn’t overlook two very fine looking animals as one they would have started to bark or howl, and was it challenged as to why they were both bound up with chains?

Throughout the hearing, the pair displayed regret with regards to their negligence and said they just overlooked the dogs in their backyard. It’s utterly frightening and surreal that somebody can forget that he owns pets.

It might seem trivial to some, still, it’s a pretty serious situation, and it’s essential that this slightly trivial offence is brought back to court since when all said and done, it is not actually petty at all. Some people would give their right arm to have a dog and look after it, and give it heaps of affection, however, some people out there are very bad, and couldn’t care less.

Whilst this couple fed well, and never starved themselves, their starving dogs were left in the backyard to die, where is the fairness in that? While their dogs scavenged around for bits of food to feed on, and then when one dog perished, the other used it as animal fodder.

Based on the evidence of destroying an animal in cold blood should counterbalance painfully on one’s mind, particularly with domestic animals that we keep as pets. If one has an animal that they no longer can take care of, or they no longer want to keep for many reasons, then they should rehome their pets to somebody who will look after it and take care of its demands, but to put an animal in the backyard, keep it chained up and starve it to death is just plain murder and nothing more.

See Your NHS Doctor For £40


An innovative service which enables patients to schedule a 15-minute appointment with a GP at a local practice for £40 online could start developing across the United Kingdom in 2018 following encouraging trials in London.

Announced on the launch of Doctaly, by which GPs can give attention to patients on an individual footing outside their NHS work, in north London in August. Following the encouraging trial, the originator behind the online service is preparing to roll it out to the remainder of London and the Home Counties in 2016 and 2017, leading on to England, Wales and Scotland the coming year.

The service is intended to address the lengthy waiting times numerous patients face to consult their NHS GP although campaigners have criticised Doctaly for letting those who can manage it to queue jump. There is further concern that it is shifting the way for the privatisation of the health service.

How it operates for GPs, GP surgeries sign up to Doctaly GPs but the surgeries can opt in as much as they require or prefer to not be included at all. They examine patients outside of their NHS practice and make additional money. How it works for patients. Patients access Doctaly online and book a 15-minute appointment at a GP surgery, not the one they are listed at, near them when they want.

They spend between £39.99 and £49.99 for an appointment throughout weekday working hours. They pay £69.99 for sittings before 9am, after 6pm and on weekends Ben Teichman, the co-creator of Doctaly announced the service gave accessibility for patients and enabled GPs to gain a little extra.

The north London experiment had demonstrated the idea of Doctaly on a meagre measure. So far, about 50 GPs have signed up to give attention and 100 patients are utilising the service. They know presently there is a need for their product.

They presently simply must scale it up. The service was not about queue-jumping or taking resource away from the NHS, but trust that it gives patients comfort and affordability for GP appointments. The fact is if we existed in a community where all was impeccable and our healthcare system was effective and there were no difficulties, there would be no room for a service like Doctaly.

However, there is an interest that Doctaly will further decline the NHS and is a different illustration of a system under pressure. Norman Lamb, the previous Liberal Democrat health minister, opposed the idea, stating patients should be able to access their normal local GP when they want to.

This approach is excellent for people who can afford it, however, what about those who can’t pay? It produces an unattractive divide among those with money and those without it. Dr Jackie Applebee, the chairwoman of Tower Hamlets district medical board and Doctors in Unite representative on the British Medical Association’s GPs board, said Pulse that Doctaly was extremely troubling, and she feared it would further destabilise general practice and that it was a slippery tilt towards privatisation of the NHS.


I find it offensive that the NHS are enabling doctors to take £40 from people so that they can get to the head of the line. But people appear to be powerless to do something about it, they are like incapacitated decapitated roosters, now there’s a thought you don’t actually want in your head, yet it’s true, we each leap about like lifeless cocks, questioning what to do, but do nothing.

It’s our ideal thing that we do, we all talk the talk, but never walk the walk, but when you have an irritation regarding anything, we should express our feelings and speak up, and we do have a say in what goes on in our community, they tell us that we don’t, but we do.

It creeps at my flesh that we have become engulfed into a quarry of sheeple, existing to satisfy everyone else, sustaining on the inadequate droppings that are given out to us, however, we continue to survive, is this our future?

Is this our punishment to skimp on what the government give us, and if so, then there must be a change of direction. The waters might be a tad choppy on our journey, but ultimately it will be more serene, however first we must journey the hurricane, and when we have journeyed to the surface everything will look so much better, however, first to do this we must all make a sacrifice and we need to all make a stand.

No one can walk over us like our government have, and if we can endure that, then we can endure everything. Let them hold out the olive branch to us, not the other way round since somebody has to be made responsible for their actions, and it shouldn’t have to be us, the public.

Get This Party Started


He is one of the largest prominent MPs in the House of Commons and is currently overseeing the biggest shake-up of Britain’s prostitution laws in a generation. Yet it was revealed that Keith Vaz, a married father of two, is fronting a double life paying young male escorts for sex.


Mr Vaz last met two Eastern European harlots eight days ago, even despite the fact he is chairman of a robust political organisation investigating vice and drugs. Furthermore, as the discussion ranged from sex to pets, Mr Vaz finally stated, that we need to get this party started.

Also before the meeting he had posted a range of texts in which he humorously termed himself one of the men’s pimps and bank manager. Mr Vaz paid the escorts in cash. Money was further cleared into a bank account managed by one of them by a person connected to a charity set up by the MP.


Whilst chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, Mr Vaz has openly stated he was not convinced that men who pay for sex should face prosecution. Inside weeks of a report from the committee, he himself gave funds to escorts in a flat he has near his family home in Edgware, North West London.

Mr Vaz has had at least two meetings with the escorts. In a 90-minute meeting on August 27, the former Minister for Europe offered to meet the cost of cocaine if it was delivered to the flat, yet stated he did not want any himself.

He is currently heading up the committee which has examined harm created by the prohibited Class A drug. Mr Vaz, Labour MP for Leicester East since 1987, further told the couple to bring along poppers, the sex-enhancing drug.

In Parliament, he supported the use of the drug when it faced a prohibition.

Mr Vaz originally made contact with the two younger men after engaging with a fellow escort they knew in London. At least one encounter took place before Mr Vaz met the couple again eight days ago.

They arrived at the flat, which Land Registry records reveal the MP owns and purchased in June for £387,500. It has no mortgage and is half a mile from his £2.1million five-bed detached family residence.

The day before the August 27 encounter, Mr Vaz text the escort and directed him to try and pick up some poppers. On the afternoon of the meeting, the escort text to announce he was purchasing the sex drug and the MP responded that was great.

Mr Vaz was then requested for a meeting time and responded by text that he would meet at 11pm since it was nice and late and that he wanted a good time. When told a Romanian escort would be meeting them, Mr Vaz addressed, how will this work, do you want me to f*** him first or all together.

Then he inquired if he like poppers, and did he talk English. Running late, Mr Vaz wrote that he was on his way to London, and should they meet at 11.30 in Edgware. The two escorts arrived at Mr Vaz’s well-appointed block shortly after 11.30pm.

He was wearing a short-sleeved shirt, black slacks and his labelled steel-rimmed spectacles. Mr Vaz quickly started asking them about the whereabouts of the Romanian escort. He questioned about what time he was coming, and does he know where to come, and if he had seen many clients?

When reported that another customer had given the man £900 for sex, Mr Vaz responded, “Really? That’s fantastic… I hope he’s giving you some of the money.”


In the lead-up to sex, the gentlemen took the Viagra-like drug out of their bag and presented it to the MP. They revealed it was a jelly mint or watermelon flavour and would increase sexual vitality.

The gentlemen told that Mr Vaz gave over $100 and quipped it was a lot where they came from, and one of the escorts stated he was agitated about participating in a foursome. Mr Vaz responded, “Oh sh**. Oh my God. You have to join in.”

The MP, appearing eager for a third man to join them, started studying snaps of men on the gay dating app Grindr, presented to him by the escorts. It utilises GPS data to locate men nearby. When shown the characterization of an Asian man, the MP responded that He was a fit.

Then Mr Vaz, who famously rolled up at Luton airport to greet the passengers on the day Romania joined the EU in 2014, replied, “But we like Eastern Europeans, they’re nice.” When given another user’s profile Mr Vaz replied: “Find out where he is… ”

Then, resuming his jokey chatter, the MP spoke of the older escort: “I feel as if I’m his bank manager. “Or his mother. He treats me very badly.” The discussion shifted to cocaine when the escorts chatted again regarding the Romanian joining them. They said he loved taking the Class A drug while having sex.

The MP was then overheard stating that there was no coke in the flat.

When it was announced the Romanian should be able to bring the drug, Mr Vaz replied, “How much is it going to be?”


When one of the escorts pretended to ring the Romanian and announced cocaine was not available, Mr Vaz interrupted, “Ask him how much it is, next time.” Also, the MP added a little later, “He can buy and I’ll give him the money.” Mr Vaz stated he did not want any coke himself.


He then asked the men, who say they do not take illicit drugs either, regarding the poppers they had brought along.

When the younger escort stated he had never used them, Mr Vaz responded, “You’ve never had poppers?” The escort then questioned if Mr Vaz had taken them and the MP responded, “Yeah.” He stated he didn’t really use them because of a medical procedure, however, continued: “I like giving it to people. It’s nice.”

The conversation then shifted to sex, as the two escorts sat in the lounge drinking their whisky and cokes. Addressing the older man, Mr Vaz stated, “You’re a naughty b****r. You taught him so much.” And he asked: “How many times have you f***** him, the younger escort today?”

Whilst waiting for a communication back from possible matches, the MP then got into a conversation with the escorts about the cost of houses in London, before the elder escort intervened, questioning: “What do you want?

Mr Vaz immediately answered that he was getting really aroused. Shortly before the intimate venture, Mr Vaz informed them concerning a recent rendezvous with another escort they know. The MP stated he was okay, but he neglected to bring a condom, and he had to f*** him without a condom.


He was later questioned how he knew the man was free from any sexually transmitted diseases, and he replied that he didn’t know.

When questioned how long it had been since he last had sex, the MP responded that it was ages ago, around three weeks.


When questioned by one of the men if he desired to use a condom, this time, Mr Vaz, who last year fronted a safe sex crusade in his constituency, replied that he did not want to.

Moments later, the men stated they disrobed. Mr Vaz later said to the younger one: “Take your shirt off. I’m going to attack you.”

The rendezvous lasted about 15 minutes. Scarcely more than 24 hours after the rendezvous the MP was seen back on official duty alongside police at a family fun day. The MP, who had his face decorated as a tiger at the constituency bash in Leicester, re-tweeted snaps to his Twitter page.

Last night Mr Vaz stated, that he had assigned the accusations to his lawyer, who will view them thoroughly and direct him on what is published. He circulated a comment to the Mail on Sunday which stated, that he was genuinely remorseful for the pain and suffering that had been created by his activities, in particular to his wife and children.

He announced that he will be notifying the Committee on Tuesday of his plan to stand down from heading the gatherings of the Committee with immediate effect. It was not directly transparent if the announcement indicated Mr Vaz would climb down from his chairmanship completely or just some committee assemblies.

He later circulated another comment, which continued, that at this time he did not want there to be any diversion from the great work the Home Affairs Select Committee tackles so well.

Select Committees do important work in holding the government and others to account. They are expected to issue two Reports, one into Anti-Semitism and the other into FGM in the next several days, in addition, they have a number of important witnesses.

He will, of course, notify Committee members first of his plans when they convene on Tuesday. His decision has been based solely on what is in the best interests of the Committee which he had the opportunity of Chairing for the last 9 years.

Neither Mr Vaz’s attorney neither Home Affairs Committee staff could directly be contacted for comment by Mirror Online. Fellow Home Affairs committee member Naz Shah reported to Sky News she had chatted to Mr Vaz and he has done the correct thing by standing down as chair.

A Labour Party spokesperson stated, that Keith Vaz has circulated a comment on this subject. Essentially with all departmental select committees, Keith was selected to the head of the Home Affairs Select Committee by the House of Commons, and his position is a matter for him and the House.

I know that we have the liberty to do as we want, but certainly not when you’re an MP, and you have a fixation to escorts, and the abuse of narcotics, and particularly when you have an association with government, and there should be consequences for his actions.

When somebody is in government, particularly parliament, they have a duty to keep themselves squeaky clean, and it makes my blood seethe when I consider that he could actually get away with this kind of behaviour.

I am enraged that this man could put a stain on an establishment that has been going for thousands of years, and in one fail descent, poof, it’s crumbled into a thousand pieces, destroyed by just one man, and perhaps some of his forerunners, and once done, it’s never irreversible, the damage is done.

However, our government act like it’s a trivial thing, resembling some sort of celebrity status, yet it’s a no-brainer actually, if somebody does something illegal, then they should be penalised for it, but there appears to be a lot of debate about this.

Presently the entire government is marked by a violent shitstorm, and it’s not a debate that should be considered, as I stated its a no brainer, just fire the rat, and be done with it, and deliver him back to whence he came from, his ancestors must be really impressed with him back home in Aden.


After all, Vaz is a distant relation of Saint Joseph Vaz, a 17th-century missionary – must have been the missionary position that he practised when he was having sexual coitus with one of his preferred escorts.

What is it with all these MP’s that think they can overstep the mark with their established positions of power, and not only that, assume that they can get away with it, and everyone will turn a blind eye to it, or is everyone in government dazzled by the authority that they have?

The meaning of responsibility is to be responsible, and if they can’t understand the definition, then obviously they should not be in any official post in government.