Postcode Lottery Of NHS

A woman, aged 39, has been recommended for Sativex by her neurologist as an add-on remedy to decrease the pain generated by overbearing spasticity in her legs, which makes walking very nearly impossible. She has to use crutches about her home, and a wheelchair when outdoors, as she is at risk of falling.

She is now in high levels of oral morphine to try to tackle the pain, however, is keen to wean herself off the extremely addictive medication as soon as possible, especially if there is another option accessible. Nevertheless, the Worcestershire Area Prescribing Committee, answerable for commissioning medications, has declined her the treatment, stating that they require more proof that it is value for money.

Her caliber of life alters day-to-day. However, the pain that she experiences is continually there, 24 hours a day. Her neurologist believes that Sativex might help as it’s a medication which tackles spasm pain.

There are sections of the country that are capable of getting it, and it has helped quite a few people.

This is not right at all, and it frustrates me that research has ascertained about 48 percent of people who use it display good significant improvement, nevertheless, individually local NHS trusts can currently determine whether they want to provide patients with it or not.

In addition, with anecdotal data hinting high levels of people with MS turn to unlawful cannabis to help tackle the pain, campaigners are at this time crying out on the health service to make it more extensively accessible.

Cannabis itself has served as a curative remedy for hundreds of years, nevertheless, however, it is forbidden in the United Kingdom in its natural arrangement.

There are a lot of people who self-medicate with cannabis, through different support organizations and networks online. It shouldn’t be about where you live, it’s off balance, and entirely wrong. How can you pinpoint who should get medical care merely based on where they live?

It’s a situation which has acquired the assistance of the MS Society, which set in motion its Treat Me Right campaign previously this year to call on health bosses to evaluate prescribing levels for people diagnosed with MS. For years, the government has said that they will bring to justice people who handle cannabis medicinally, that people should wait for the pharmaceutical product to be accessible and that it will then be prescribed.

Well, the product is presently accessible, and it’s not being designated to those who require it most, therefore, that leaves people between a rock and a hard place. People should be given access to it so they’re not compelled to look for what is still an illicit drug.

On reflection, the Area Prescribing Committee did not consider it suitable for NHS funding owing to constraints in clinical trial data and the nonexistence of proof on account of, they did not think it was value for money, especially when then NHS were funding it.

Consequently, Sativex is not sanctioned for usability within Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Groups. If new evidence becomes attainable, local clinicians may make a resubmission for consideration to the Worcestershire Area Prescribing Committee reciting details of the new details attainable.

MS is not the only condition for which cannabis-derived medication is thought to have a positive effect, and Cancer Research UK is among those charitable institutions which have started to finance comprehensive investigation into how it could be handled to manage various types of cancer.

It is perceived that cannabinoids, the functioning substances found in cannabis, can have a scope of distinct influences on cancer cells grown in the research facility and animal tumours. However, at the moment there isn’t suitable proof from clinical tests to substantiate that they can safely and efficiently treat cancer in patients.

In spite of this, there is knowledge that a few cancer patients do decide to treat themselves with cannabis extracts. These stories can help researchers build a picture of whether these remedies are helping or not, though this is deficient evidence in contrast to properly-run clinical tests.

Cancer Research UK is supporting clinical trials for treating cancer with cannabis derivatives and a synthetic cannabinoid by means of the national network of Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres, in order to assemble reliable data on how suitable these drugs can be managed to help people with cancer.

When I viewed the internet, and looked up Sativex, it visibly pointed out that Nabiximols, trade name Sativex is a trademarked cannabinoid oromucosal mouth spray developed by the UK company GW Pharmaceuticals for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, who can use it to ease neuropathic pain, spasticity, overactive bladder, and other symptoms.

Nabiximols is distinct from all other pharmaceutically produced cannabinoids currently accessible on account of, it is a blend of composites acquired from Cannabis plants, rather than a mono-molecular artificial commodity. The drug is a pharmaceutical commodity regulated in composition, formulation, and dosage, even though it is still effectively a tincture of the cannabis plant.

Its leading functioning cannabinoid elements are the cannabinoids: Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). The product is formulated as an oromucosal spray which is administered by spraying into the mouth.

Each spray delivers a near 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, with a predesigned dosage of 2.7mg THC and 2.5mg CBD. Nabiximols is also being developed in Phase III trials as a possible remedy to relieve pain due to cancer. It has also been examined in various models of peripheral and central neuropathic pain.

If Nabiximols, trade name Sativex is a trademarked cannabinoid oromucosal mouth spray developed by the UK company GW Pharmaceuticals for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, then for what reason are people being turn down for treatment, and why is it being said that there needs to be more evidence, when the medication is already on the market with Pharmaceutical companies.

Each new drug and treatments has to be thoroughly examined before they are authorized and accessible for patients. It takes ages for a new drug to go from beginning to end to the various degrees of testing. This method is usually termed the bench to the bedside. A new drug is chiefly analyzed in a research facility. If the drug appears to be encouraging, it is conscientiously examined in people. Research that involves people are called clinical experiments.

It is only then that new drugs are appointed and put to use, up till that time they cannot be used on everyone that requires that particular medicine. Therefore, why are people being rejected for treatment with Sativex, it’s easy, it’s called the ‘Postcode lottery’ of the NHS.

If you live in the wrong area, then you won’t get the treatment that you need, if you do live in the correct area, then you will get the treatment that you require. Which means that the NHS is failing to furnish us with universally high caliber care across the country and shows that all care is nothing but a postcode lottery.

If you are not looked upon as ‘sustainable’, then you simply will be unable to obtain the medical care that you require, even if you are in excessive need of it. If it is going to cost the NHS excessive sums of money, and they do not look upon you as sustainable, then you will be sacrificed like a ritual slaughter, you will be eradicated on account of, you will be looked upon as a waste by-product and nothing more than that.

We are being treated like animals. In fact, we are being treated worse than animals because animals simply sense pain or anguish in the moment, and perceive no tangible emotion. Human beings have a tactile sense, emotion and an impulse to fight back, however we are still treated like we are nothing more than beasts of burden.

Black Death Kills Man In China


China has sealed off districts of its northwestern town of Yumen following one of its residents died of bubonic plague last week. The 38-year-old victim was infected by a marmot, a wild rodent, and died on July 16. A number of areas of the township of about 100,000 people in the Gansu region was later turned into specific isolation areas.

151 people who came into immediate association with the victim were also included in the isolation. No one has so far displayed any signs of the bacteria.

The city had set to one side 1 million yuan ($94,000) for emergency immunizations. Black Death is a bacterial malady diffused by the fleas of wild rodents such as marmots. Whilst the malady can be effectively managed, victims can die 24 hours following the first contagion.

Outbreaks in China have been sparse in recent years, and most have come about in far-off pastoral expanses of the West. There were 12 diagnosed instances and three deaths in the region of Qinghai in 2009, and one in Sichuan in 2012.

Beijing’s disease control centre endeavored to disperse apprehensions about an extended eruption of the disease in China, stating on its website that the danger of the disease radiating to the capital was minimal.

Nevertheless, there is a much more significant matter to consider in this occurrence. People from all about the globe purchase online shopping from sites like eBay and other websites. Businesses and people in China, that market their merchandise on eBay and other means, indicates that assertedly there could be an eruption of this bacterium from China to all over the world.

There is an immunization attainable for people working in or voyaging to plague-affected expanses of the world, nevertheless, what about those that market their commodities abroad, that have not been immunized against the bacteria?

Small rodents, such as rats, mice, and squirrels, can pass on the epidemic. Fleas living on the ailing animals can then shift the disease from rodents to humans. In 14th century Europe, flea-ridden vermin swarmed town after town. And back then, with no way to fight the disease, millions died.

wild mouse

Today, if intercepted in advance, the epidemic can be treated expertly with antibiotics, such as streptomycin or tetracycline. If untreated, the trauma of plague can produce organ failure and death within a day or two.


Bubonic plague is not a farce, but there’s no need to panic. This is not the dark ages, and modern doctors can treat the disease swiftly and expertly. The dilemma, in fact, is that the epidemic is now so rare that numerous doctors might not speculate it till they’ve ruled out the possibility of everything else. The most troublesome part of treating the plague is to diagnose it.

Enigmatic Spy Plane Encircling The Heavens

Police officers are coming under ascending encumbrance to disclose details of a strange spy plane that is said to listen in on mobile phone calls. A radar tracking website displayed an aircraft girdling London at 10,000 feet for more than two hours yesterday.

The aircraft had no recognisable call sign, however, was identified as a twin-engine Cessna F406 with the registration G-BVJT. The aircraft has also been working in other parts of the United Kingdom. Its movements over Leicester were caught by a flight tracking website in May.

The aircraft has been connected in the past to an imperceptible fleet of observation aircraft said to be operated by the Metropolitan Police.

At around 6.30 last night a light aircraft was heard and seen circling for over an hour over houses in the Oval.

A man downloaded a flight tracker and found out that it was another unmarked aircraft much the same of what he’d read about earlier in the day. It had a tail sign G-UMMI.

Reports point out the two aircraft, priced at £3 million a year, are administered to observe mobile phone calls.

However last month the Lord Mayor responded:

For operational security reasons, it is not appropriate for MOPAC to respond.


The Liberal Democrats have called on Boris Johnson as head of the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime to account for the cost and function of the aircraft.


Of course, the Metropoliton Police needs to screen some seclusion over its monitoring work, nevertheless, you can’t put an aircraft up over London without people noticing. It would be best if the Met in fact confessed that vital monitoring work takes place, and at the same time was clear regarding the expenses of such operations.

They are ambushing peoples telephone calls on account of, they are listening into people’s discussions over their cell phones. What discussions we have with other people over the telephone is private, and should be left to privy. We have confidence in our service providers to furnish us with uninterrupted phone calls, and an unimpeachable service, which is not what we are getting.

Does this actually indicate that we have to relinquish our cell phones on account of, we are being observed all the time, and we will in the end be too terrified in case we say the wrong thing, even though probably not meant in the wrong way.

In the end, it will be innovative practice for everyone to be scrutinized by the “Big Brother”, who will listen in on all things we say and do. If we are not cautious, in the end it will be like Big Brother, and there will be a camera in our homesteads to monitor what we are doing, and if we are in violation of the establishment.

We are not a human race any longer, we are an institution of individuals, existing, we are the personification of a human being, but in fact, we are just drones for the establishment to push us about when they consider it fitting to do so.

If you want to become the furniture and fittings in this world, then by all means, carry on as you are and say nothing. After all, its no big deal that there are people out there listening in on our private chats, perhaps our deepest secrets that just a few family and friends know about, not confidences that would produce chaos, but secrets that would provoke us as human beings distress if we knew that other people who were not our nearest and dearest, and knew about.

Be knowledgeable, if they can listen in on our telephone calls, what else can they do that we do not know anything about?

Eight Year Old Girl Raises PH Levels


One more story of a cancer patient treating themselves through nutritional therapy has surfaced. Not long ago, there was an associated story of a man with stage 3 colon cancer who turned down chemotherapy and remedied himself with a vegan diet. Operative surgery does not cure cancer, particularly when a person is already in the subsequent stages of the disease. If it did, that’s all they would do. Cancer is a systemic metabolic disease, the consequence of a body that is nutrient insufficient, weighed down with poisons and normally the outcome of a PH level that’s too low, indicating that the body is soaked in acidity. If the body is not given the essential nutrients it requires to mend, restore and detoxify, cancer will most probably return.


In this instance, the PH levels were raised, and as a consequence the lactic acid goes down and the cancer activity goes down. This permits the body to repair itself. It’s extremely disturbing that nearly all doctors don’t know that diet plays an essential function when it comes to cancer treatment. If you have cancer, the choices you are given are normally medications, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Seldom is nutrition thought of when it comes to a serviceable healing agent for cancer. Whilst each case is incomparable and no ONE remedy can be used in every case, it is important to look at multiple alternatives that have been efficient vs only looking at mainstream possibilities which don’t have colossal success rates to begin with. For instance, there is an inventory of 20 medical studies that substantiate cannabis can rid cancer.

Operative Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are continually thrust as the only go-to alternative for cancer treatment, when this couldn’t be further from the truth. How frequently does a cancer patient see a doctor who tells them that dichloroacetate can cure their cancer? That was recently found by researchers at the University of Alberta. Cancer is a multi-trillion dollar industry, it can be hard to accept that there are those who do not encourage treatments that have been corroborated as successful, however, it clearly indicates we have to go beyond what we are taught, manage our analytical reasoning dexterity and find out the truthfulness for our own selves.


Don’t wait till you are sick. Make your preference today. It is your body! Your life and, your choice.

Health education and prevention instead of medication.

Drug manufacturing is not there to make you well. They want to keep us in perpetual sickness. GMO food is provoking us to have a lot of contagions in our bodies, and this is food that can’t be digested, on account of, we have no enzymes in our bodies to do so.


The cancer trade is second only, in size, to its big brother, petrochemicals.

In the 20 years from 1970 to 1990, in the USA solely, the cancer trade was worth an approximated 1 trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000). If the same percentage of the overall disease bill applies in Britain as in the US, the current expenditure on cancer will be 3 to 6 billion pounds per year.

With this kind of amounts involved it is entirely conceivable why the drug, radiation, scalpel, and vivisection cancer cartel have preserved a steady, merciless campaign to stifle, at birth, any and all endeavors to introduce reasonable therapeutic regimes to deal with the species-threatening epidemic.

The cancer scourge has numerous causative components; practically all of them either actively promoted by or disregarded by the government health departments, the medical trade etc.  The deadly doctor’s balanced diet, vaccination, antibiotics, antipyretics, analgesics, steroids, routine X-ray screening, animal-safety-tested pesticides, herbicides, solvents, dyes, detergents etc., fluoride-waste dumping in public drinking water, radio, chemotherapy, nuclear energy, electro-pollution and so on.

Ever knowledgeable of the need to defend their brethren in the petro-pharmaceutical cancer mechanism, the cancer P.R. boys, aided and abetted by their on the payroll media buddies, passing themselves off as impartial watchmen, conscientiously support the line that the entire thing is down to using tobacco and sun-bathing. One thing that they need to explain is the canine butchery, in a population of 7 million domestic dogs, over a million per year are dying from cancer, or the treatment.  This constitutes a dog cancer death ratio 50 times that of the human ratio, owing to the regime of vet accepted vaccines, antibiotics, worming drugs, flea sprays, pesticides, herbicides etc., all safety tested on animals – tinned dog-meat etc. We are all – humans, dogs, cats, dying, like houseflies, from the artificial deluge. The farm animals would display the identical set of symptoms if they were not slaughtered, prematurely, for food.

Cancer is above all else, is a nutritional problem. The deadly British intake of meat, dairy produce, eggs, cultivated carbohydrates, common salt and synthetics, with token volumes of fruit, vegetables and wholewheat bread, all soaked with pesticides, is a formula for a huge scale of ailments, cancer included.

1999 will see 700,000,000 drug prescribed remedies dished out by British doctors, a deluge of vaccines, antibiotics, analgesics, steroids, antipyretics, anti-inflammatories, all add up to an enormous assault on the body’s immune defences. Critical maladies, the body’s attempts to restore health, are being continuously overpowered by allopathic treatment.


Immunization has reached a 98 percent uptake in some areas. The vaccines, between them, contain a mixture of animal-derived proteins and viruses, formaldehyde, mercury, aluminium, carbolic acid and so on. This is vaccinated straight into the blood stream and from there on to the cells, major organs etc. The immune defences stand no chance.


When alien material from dogs, monkeys, calves, chickens etc, which is put straight into the human bloodstream, the material is likely to alter the genetic construction as the alien proteins etc are fused into the attacked cells, which, in their mutated form, continue to replicate. The immune defences can then no longer distinguish between self and non-self.

The body is then likely to infringe on its own cells with a variety of immune and auto-immune diseases. Cancer included, as an inevitable end result.

Water fluoridation was first approved with the fascistic regimes of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Aside from being a narcotic, fluoride is also an extremely deadly, persistent waste by-product of aluminium and fertiliser production, an enzyme-inhibitor, an immuno-suppressant and a listed carcinogen. Fluoridated Birmingham has now been compared with non-fluoridated Manchester over the years 1971-1977. Following simultaneous standardisation of all data, it was discovered that over 1,000 excess deaths per year are now connected with fluoridated Birmingham.


The careless practice of routine and diagnostic X-rays by the medical trade is a significant cancer threat. Prof. John Gofman M.D. PhD., as early as 1980, put the figure for the United States solely at 12,000 additional deadly cancers per year. He also said that around three quarters of breast cancer incidents are caused by medical X-rays; this is apart from the enormous doses of radiotherapy. The use of the new X-ray toys for mass lung-screenings, head irradiation for ringworm, shoe-fitting, sore throats etc. produced inestimable amounts of cancer deaths.

The description of a remedy in cancer is the restoration of the cancer defence mechanisms and the elimination of cancer through these mechanisms. If this restoration is not feasible, the subsequent test is the steady maintenance, through safe, natural means, of the body’s efforts to keep the disease at bay.

The cancer research fund-raisers’ definition of a cancer remedy is the visible depletion of symptoms for five years. If, or when, a sufferer dies a year or two after the five years, from the impacts of the remedy, they remain in the remedy statistics, cured and dead at the same time.

Patients may die from secondary tumors at any time from a few months to numerous years following the treatment. Only following a gap of as much as twenty one years does the danger of death from some other cause surpasses the danger of death from the first malady. Or from the first remedy.

On June 8 1990, at Chelmsford Crown Court, a 42 year old woman was given £155,000 compensation. She had undergone seven years of cancer therapy. She depleted 13 months in and out of cancer wards during which she made friends and saw them die. Her hair fell out and she underwent frequent vomiting during six spells of unpleasant radiological and medication therapy. Surgical experts opened her abdomen and took away an ovary in an unsuccessful exploration for breast cancer. Only then was the broken woman told it had been an error.


The woman, who lost her job and her marriage, had at no time believed the diagnosis but had allowed herself to be railroaded by the white-coated cancer masters. The precise amount of people who have been mis-diagnosed and have then been killed by the onslaught or who have remained alive, and have been put in the cure statistics cannot be appraised, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they are stating that leukemia is being remedied, however, it never existed in the first place.

Somebody you know discovers they have cancer in a particular section of their body. They have operative surgery, many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. During the treatment, the cancer shrinks and vanishes. The doctors tell them they can’t spot any cancer in their body. They are “NED” (No Evidence of Disease). Everybody is so relieved and celebrating.

Some time goes by and they have more tests simply to discover that the cancer has returned. However, this time it’s all over, it’s in their liver, their lungs, their brain, their blood, etc.

They go through more bouts of chemo and radiation, but the doctors just can’t stop the cancer. Every time you look at them they look worse and worse. Ultimately following a grueling battle spread over from a few months to a few years they die.

So what occurred?

Chemotherapy is a deadly toxin. It works by invading quickly separating cells in your body which affects your hair, nails, skin, your digestive system, and your blood. This process makes you extremely ill and can cause the perpetual harm to different parts of your body including your brain, liver, hearing, and procreative organs.


Chemotherapy attacks swiftly reproducing cells, which include some types of cancer cells, however, it also attacks your white blood cells, a dominant player in your immune system.


Your immune system is what keeps you alive.


We all have pre-cancerous cells in our bodies that are omitted by the natural processes of our immune system.

If you have cancer in your body, your immune system is battling it, even though not extremely well, nevertheless, it is fighting it.

If the cancer is growing, that signifies your immune system could be overwhelmed or suppressed, and not performing as well as it should. However, having cancer doesn’t mean your immune system is not doing anything.

If you take chemotherapy and it doesn’t annihilate all the cancer cells; you will find yourself in an extremely defenseless position with a decimated immune system. You will have little resistances left to avert any remaining cancer cells from reproducing.

Here’s the scary part. If you still have cancerous cells in your body, they will progress to take over like wildfire.

Sometimes chemo will stop one variety of cancer, nevertheless, at that point the sufferer will develop a totally different form of cancer. Once again, this occurred on account of, their immune system was annihilated and their internal resistances were depressed.

Their body develops into a place where cancerous cells could thrive.

Chemotherapy is carcinogenic. That means it kindles cancer. In fact, it’s so toxic that nurses have to guard their skin from exposure when administering it to patients. These chemicals will eat straight through your skin, nevertheless, they have no difficulty putting it in your veins.

The body is designed to heal itself, so chemo that is administered to you, and goes through your veins is an alien which will cause the body to breakdown, and affect the immune system, which will permit the cancer to wax, rather than wane.

Chemotherapy is a toxin that will damage the body and annihilate the immune system. One doesn’t want to damage the body and annihilate the immune system. One would want to build it up.

Cancer is not the cause of an ailing body. It is the consequence of a sick body.

There are a number of therapies that strengthen the body and immune system, so it can heal itself.

My father passed away 12 years ago from cancer. It was explained that if he had chemotherapy it would extend his life by 5 years or over and above. He was given chemotherapy, however, it did not work, it made him so ill, he lost so much weight, and was being sick all the time. The last time I saw him in the hospital he was black and blue, and almost skeletal, and he was in a lot of discomfort. From the time he was told he had cancer to the time he passed away was 7 weeks in all.

I believe that Chemo should have been his last resort, not his first…

It was not the cancer that destroyed him. His resistances were so low that he ultimately got Pneumonia and passed away… Not from the Cancer!



Israelis Pictured Chewing Away On Popcorn

This is the inflammatory panorama of Israelis consuming popcorn and cheering as they scrutinize the shelling of Gaza which has fired abuse on Twitter.

The photo was tweeted by Danish journalist Allan Sørensen, the Middle East Correspondent for a Danish newspaper.


Israelis were carrying seats to the hilltop in sderot, and clapping when explosions were heard.


The image, which has been retweeted more than 8,000 times, has led to avid argumentation on Twitter.


The photo was captured on Wednesday in Sderot, about a mile away from the Gaza Strip, a town which usually finds itself under gunfire from missiles from Gaza.


The day before, Israeli security forces started strikes in Gaza to strike back against missiles from Hamas.

The morality of people is so skewed that killing has now become a free to all. A startling thing to see in this day and age.

This sort of conduct is just inhumane, offensive and revolting, and Israeli’s should feel embarrassed by this sort of behavior.

This is the most grisly picture I’ve seen.

The hill has been metamorphosed into something that closely resembles the front row of a movie arena.

People have been hauling camping stools and couches to the top of the hill, and some relax with crackling bags of popcorn whilst others inhale hookahs and chat cheerily.

It was said that they were there to observe Israel demolish Hamas.

Officials in Gaza have said that nigh on 100 Palestinians have been slaughtered in air strikes over the last four days.


Israeli officialdoms say the raids are in reprisal to missile attacks by Hamas fighters.


The attacks come following the abduction and killing of three Jewish teenagers last month and the speculated vengeance slaying of a Palestinian youngster observed furious encounters and breakouts between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers.

The people on the hill thought it was cool to be there. They said they could feel the explosion and see the missiles, and it was all in a search for excitement.

It was evening time, and it was surprisingly amazing, and people were chatting about this hill. Lots of cars were stationed midway up the hill, and at the summit there were by this time some 60 people sitting and standing. They were all surprisingly relaxed on their folding seats. A few smoking water pipes, others were snacking on popcorn as if it was just an open-air movie.

There were people aged between 60 and 70 but also young people, however, there were not any children, presumably on account of, it had something to do with that the area wasn’t safe.

People, many people, who are rejoicing somebodies demise wherever is offensive.

Evidently the assembly wasn’t to aggravate anybody and that no one there believed they were doing something improper.

Pressures have been soaring for the past few months in Israel and the Palestinian regions on account of a breakdown in peace talks, followed by a growth in missile attacks from Gaza. However, the most moving episode was the abduction and killing of three Israeli teenagers as they hitchhiked home. Their demises were followed by a revenge onslaught by a group of Israeli youths, who are alleged to have abducted a Palestinian teen and set the teen on fire, and burned him alive.

Disregarding international pleas for a cease-fire, Israel broadened its span of Gaza, bombarding targets to civilian institutions with suspected Hamas links and marshaled ground troops within the boundaries of Gaza for the first time early Sunday to raid a missile launching site in the Palestinian region. More than 156 Palestinians have been slaughtered. The United Nations is estimated that 77 percent of those massacred in Gaza were civilians.

Apparently it’s not the first time Israelis have had picnics on the hill whilst observing attacks, and it’s just cold-blooded behaviour.

Every bomb they drop on a home, murdering a child’s parents makes another child endeavor vengeance for their crimes.

This is not a computer tournament, like some recreation that children entertain themselves with, nevertheless, it appears now that it has developed into a recreation for some people, sitting in chairs on hilltops, consuming popcorn. This is somebodies, mother, father, brother or sister that is being butchered, and this has become hell on earth.

This is the land that everyone has a right to exist, to live in peace, and to have some sort of equilibrium, stableness, and peace of mind. Nevertheless, no one said that we had any intelligence, and nothing gives us the authority to take away somebody else’s life.

There is a distinction in slaying something because we need to sustain, and then there is a difference to murder somebody else on account of, we believe it is born to us. Nothing is born to us, just because we live on it, does not truly mean that we have the right to it, it was here long before we got here, and with hope it will still be here long after we have gone, and we certainly cannot take it with us, we can’t entomb it with us, but it can bury us.

If we cannot live unitedly in some kind of compatibility, then we have not come exceedingly far from when we came out of the trees, and it unquestionably was a terrible transit coming out of the tree’s to live upon the land. As I specified previously, the land has perpetually been here, we do not inherit it, we inherited nothing because when we are dead and gone nothing goes with us.

Our sole mission in this life is to be born, grow up, develop into grown-ups, procreate. In doing this, we are obliged to live on the land that was given to us, to nourish it and make it suitable for future generations, so that they can live upon it with some kind of compatibility… It is known as the Circle of Life!

Nevertheless, we are greedy by nature, however, as newborns we are not born greedy, we are born with a blank canvas. It is what we are conditioned to believe as we grow up, not only by our parents, but in the world around us.

There is no reason why Palestinians and Israeli’s cannot live together in peace, so long as they realise that it is just land, and everybody has the right to live where they want, but if they can’t understand that then the outlook for them is very bleak and unpromising.

No one is above to anyone else. We are all identical. A few might think differently from others, however, when it boils down to it, we are all the same, we have the exact same type of blood coursing through our veins, and we are no better than anyone else.

The affliction is, when war commences, it then develops into an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, tit for tat. “I’ll murder you on account of, you murdered somebody in my family.” This needs to terminate immediately, and we need to go back to that blank canvas…

An Eye For An Eye, Makes The Whole World Blind


































Paedophilia Is Normal For Men


Paedophilic curiosity is normal for human men. At least a sizeable minority of normal men would like to have sex with children. Normal men are stimulated by children.


The declaration that paedophilia is normal was made last July as part of a primary declaration by an academic display that was presented, at the request of organisers, at a convention held by the University of Cambridge.

Other presentations included: Setting free the paedophile, a verbose study, and the Risks and differences: the stakes of hebephilia.

Hebephilia is the sexual partiality for children in early-maturing pubescence, typically 11 to 14-year-old.

Another attendee, and a keen participator from the floor, was one Tom O’Carroll, a reoccurring child sex offender, long time campaigner for the legalisation of sex with children and former head of the Paedophile Information Exchange. “Wonderful!” he wrote on his blog afterwards. “It was a rare few days when I could feel relatively popular! ”


Last week, following the guilty verdict of Rolf Harris, the report into Jimmy Savile and declarations of an establishment cover up to defend a sex offending cabinet member in Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet, Britain went into a seizure of apprehension about child abuse in the Eighties. However, unseen, unnoticed in the midst of the excitement is a much more current threat right now, in parts of the academic establishment to thrust the boundaries on the acceptability of child sex.

A fundamental factor in what occurred all those decades ago in the dressing rooms of the BBC, the wards of the NHS and, by allegation, the passageways of authority was not merely institutional shortcomings or establishment conspiracies, but a climate of considerably vaster intelligent lenity of practices that appall today.

With the Pill, the legalisation of homosexuality and shriveling taboos in opposition to premarital sex, the Seventies was an epoch of entirely abrupt sexual liberation. Numerous libertarians, of course, saw through PIE’s sardonic euphuism of child Lib. Nevertheless to others on the Left, sex by or with children was simply another repressive boundary to be swept away, and some of the most illustrious backing came from academia.

In 1981, a respectable publicist, Batsford, published Perspectives on Paedophilia, revised by Brian Taylor, a sociology lecturer at Sussex University, to dispute what Dr Taylor’s introduction called the “prejudice” against child sex. Disturbingly, the publication was pointed at social workers, community workers, probation officers and child care employees.

The people, wrote Dr Taylor. “generally thinks of paedophiles as sick or evil men who lurk around school playgrounds in the hope of attempting unspecified beastliness with unsuspecting innocent children”. This, he convinced readers, was simply a “stereotype”, both “inaccurate and unhelpful”, which flew in the face of “empirical realities of paedophile behaviour”. For what reason? Most adult-child sexual relations took place in the family.

The attitudes of nearly all, but not all, contributors, seemed actively pro-paedophile. At least two were members of PIE and at least one, Peter Righton, who was, astonishingly, director of education at the National Institute for Social Work, was later found guilty of child sex crimes. However, from the angle of today, the enthralling thing about Perspectives on Paedophilia is that at least two of its contributors are however academically active and influential.

Ken Plummer is a respected professor of sociology at Essex University, where he has an office and tutors courses, the most up-to-date programmed for last month. “The isolation, secrecy, guilt and anguish of many paedophiles, ” he wrote in Perspectives on Paedophilia, “are not intrinsic to the phenomena but are derived from the extreme social repression placed on minorities …

Paedophiles are told they are the debauchers and rapers of children; they know their experiences are frequently loving and tender ones. They are told that children are pure and blameless, without desire; they know both from their own experiences of childhood and from the children they converge with that this is not the case.

As recently as 2012, Prof Plummer published on his own blog a chapter he wrote in another book, Male Intergenerational Intimacy. In 1991. As homosexuality has become a little less open to sustain ethical panic, the new pariah of child molester has turned into the most recent folk devil. Numerous grown-up paedophiles state that boys actively seek out sexual partners, and that childhood itself is not a biological given but a historically produced social object.

Prof Plummer verified that he had been part of PIE in order to promote his research. He stated: “I would never want any of my work to be used as a rationale for doing ‘bad things’, and I regard all coercive, abusive, exploitative sexuality as a ‘terrible thing’. I am very sorry if it has impacted anyone negatively this way, or if it has encouraged this.” Nevertheless, he did not reply when asked if he still retained the views he displayed in the Eighties and Nineties. A spokesperson for Essex University insisted Prof Plummer’s work did not represent support for paedophilia, and quoted the university’s charter which gave academic staff liberty inside the law to put forward debatable and unaccepted viewpoints free from placing themselves in danger.

There actually is no shortage of evidence of the harm done by child abuse. In the latest craze regarding the crimes of the past, it’s worth scrutinizing whether we could, in the futurity, get back into the intellectual climate which sanctioned them.

We could debate that sexual relationships between children and adults have been known for aeons and accepted in a few primitive groups as an induction into manhood. We could also point out that there are no differentiating traits on personality testing between paedophiles and normal controls. Plus studies cite that there is a notable minority experiencing lewd fascinations to children.

Pedophilia is a paraphilia that involves an unnatural interest in children. A paraphilia is a dysfunction that is defined by repeated intensified sexual urges and sexually stimulated phantasms usually involving nonhuman objects; the affliction or mortification of oneself or one’s partner, not only simulated, or animals, children, or other nonconsenting persons. Pedophilia is also a psychosexual dysfunction in which the phantasm or real act of participating in sexual activity with prepubertal children is the preferred or exclusive means of attaining sexual excitement and enjoyment. It may be directed via children of the same sex or children of the other sex. A few pedophiles are drawn to both boys and girls. Some are attracted only to children. Whilst others are attracted to adults as well as to children.

Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) was a British pro-paedophile activist organization, established in October 1974 and officially disbanded in 1984.


PIE was set up as a specific interest group inside the Scottish Minorities Group by founder member Michael Hanson, who became the group’s first Chairman. Since the bulk of enquiries was from England, PIE relocated to London in 1975 were 23 year old Keith Hose became its first Chairman. The group’s established intention was tantamount to relieve the suffering of numerous adults and children by campaigning to eradicate the age of consent consequently legalising sex between adults and children.

Paedophile Action for Liberation had developed as a breakaway organization from the South London Gay Liberation Front. It was the subject of an editorial in the Sunday People, which dedicated its front page and centre spread to the story. The outcome was coercion of, and deprivation of employment for a few of those who were exposed. It later united with PIE.


This exposé on PAL had an influence on PIE members’ enthusiasm for activism. In the PIE Chairperson’s Annual Report for 1975-6, Keith Hose wrote that ‘The only way for PIE to survive, was to seek out as much publicity for the organization as possible. If we got bad publicity, we would not run into a corner but stand and fight. We felt that the only way to get more paedophiles joining PIE was to seek out and try to get all kinds of publications to print our organization’s name and address and to make paedophilia a real public issue.

In the same year Hose also attended a conference arranged by Mind, the national mental health organization, where it was implied that PIE should submit proof to the Home Office’s Criminal Law Revision Committee on the age of consent. PIE submitted a 17 page document in which it suggested that there should be no age of consent, and that the criminal law should concern itself only with sexual pursuits to which approval is not given, or which continue following forbiddance by a civil court.

PIE was established to campaign for recognition of paedophilia by producing arguable documents. However, it’s formally specified intentions also included giving guidance and instruction to paedophiles who wanted it, and furnished a means for paedophiles to get in touch with one another.

To this end it held regular gatherings in London but also had a Contact Page, which was a bulletin in which members placed advertisements, giving their membership number, general location, and brief details of their sexual inclinations and other interests. Responses were managed by PIE, as with a box number arrangement, so that addressees were unidentifiable till they wished to reciprocate their personal details. Since the intention of this contact page was to empower paedophiles to get in touch with one another. Advertisements indicating that contact with children was sought and advertisements for erotica were turned down. The Contact Page eventually resulted in a prosecution for a connivance to corrupt public morals.

In 1976, both PIE and PAL had been requested to assist the Albany Trust to create a booklet on paedophilia which was to have been published by the Trust. This collaboration was ‘uncovered’ by Mary Whitehouse, who alleged that public funds were being managed indirectly to subsidize ‘paedophile groups’. Albany Trust was partly supported by government grants. The Trustees decided not to publish the booklet, saying that it wasn’t sufficiently ‘objective’. A year later a question relating to the incident was asked in the House of Commons by Sir Bernard Braine but, despite a statement by Home Office Minister Brynmor John that there was no evidence of public money going to PIE, the issue was drawn out into 1978 in the letters pages of The Guardian and The Times.


In the summer of 1978 the residences of a few PIE committee members were stormed by the police as part of a full-scale inquiry into PIE’s activities; as an outcome of this inquiry, a substantial report was capitulated to the Director of Public Prosecutions and the prosecution of PIE activists followed.

In particular, five activists were charged with printing contact advertisements in MagPIE which were computed to promote immoral deeds between adults and children.

Others were offered minor charges of conveying improper material through the post if they testified against the five. These charges correlated to letters that the accused swapped specifying diversified sexual fantasies. It ultimately became transparent that one person had corresponded with most of the accused, however, had not been tried. Following the trial, it surfaced that there had been a cover-up.

In 1981, the former PIE Chairperson Tom O’Carroll was found guilty on the conspiracy charge and confined to two years in prison. O’Carroll had been working on Paedophilia: The Radical Case in the period between the original police sweep and the trial. Whilst the charges did not correlate in any way with the publication of the book, the fact that he had written it was set down by the judge as a factor in ascertaining the length of his sentence.

In 1984 The Times provide details that two former executive committee members of PIE had been found guilty on child vulgarity charges however, cleared on charges of provocation to carry out illicit sexual acts with children and that the group’s impresario had escaped the country whilst on surety. It was said that the group was closing down in the PIE Bulletin as of July 1984.

One-time bursar of PIE Charles Napier is claimed to have sexually assaulted a boy whilst a gym instructor at Copthorne School. He became an English Language Trainer at the British Council and was convicted of sexual assault against minors in London in 1995, and investigated as an alleged constituent of a paedophile network operating in British schools in 1996. He set up his own school in Turkey and recommenced English Language Training with the British Council after completing his sentence.

In January 2006, the Metropolitan Police Service Paedophile Unit apprehended the remaining PIE members on child pornography charges. One of those held in custody, David Joy, was warned by his sentencing judge that his beliefs may prevent his ever being released from prison.

In March, 2014 proof surfaced that PIE had been given grants calculating £70,000 from the Home Office. After a whistle-blower told police he witnessed a prosperous three-year grant renewal application for £35,000 in 1980, signifying that a comparable grant had been made in 1977.

A number of senior Labour Party politicians were associated with press stories to PIE in December 2013, and once more in February 2014, as a result of their entanglement with NCCL at the time of PIE’s affiliation. The party’s deputy leader Harriet Harman had been employed by NCCL as an in-house solicitor and met her husband, the MP Jack Dromey, then a member of NCCL’s executive committee, whilst operating in this capacity. In addition, Patricia Hewitt MP was NCCL’s general secretary for nine years. The threesome was named “apologists for paedophiles” by the Daily Mail. The former chair of PIE, Tom O’Carroll, insisted the three had not endeavored to get rid of PIE out of fear for the repercussions this might regard on their careers at the NCCL.

Harman disputed she had supported PIE whilst at NCCL and the particular allegation that she supported a campaign for the age of consent to be decreased to ten, and displayed regret at the involvement of the NCCL with PIE. She blamed the right-leaning newspaper of both setting out on a slander crusade and of hypocrisy, making the counter-accusation that the Daily Mail sexualises young girls. Dromey also disputed the accusations. Hewitt apologised separately, stating she had been “naive and wrong to accept that PIE was a counseling and campaign group”.

There are numbers of countries where children are coerced into matrimony, or even violated, there is no consent, or they are beaten to death for refusing to marry a man old enough to be her grandfather. Teenagers are dragged by their family to be raped to force her into marrying. There are between 39,000 girls coerced into marriage each day around the world, sold like cows to enrich their families.

More than one-third of all girls are married in 42 countries, according to the U.N. Population Fund, relating to females under the age of 18. The highest number of instances takes place in some of the most impoverished countries. The agency figures show, with the West African nation of Niger at the bottom of the list with 75 percent of girls are married before they turn 18. In Bangladesh the figure is 66 percent and in the Central African Republic and Chad it is 68 percent.

The notable barrister specialising in reproductive rights has called for the age of consent to be cut back to 13.

Barbara Hewson explained to the online magazine Spiked that the move was essential in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal to stop the “persecution of old men.”


The NSPCC described her views “outdated and simply ill-informed” and said “from a highly experienced barrister simply beggars belief”.


She declared that “touching a 17-year-old’s breast, kissing a 13-year-old, or putting one’s hand up a 16-year-old’s skirt” are not offenses comparable to gang rapes and murders and “Anyone suggesting otherwise has lost touch with reality”.

Any hint of reducing the age of consent could put more young people at risk from those who pillage on helpless young people. We are no longer a third world nation, and children should be treated as children up to the age of consent. No one has the right to interfere with anyone, whether a child or an adult, and in the absence of consent no one should assume they have the right to infringe upon another human being.

We are not part of an era where human beings have the exemption to haul their victim by the hair and bludgeon them to death for the reason that they will not have coitus with them.

A teenager is a teenager up until they turn 20, at that point they become an adult, nevertheless, it would be illogical to state that one cannot marry until that age, or even have a sexual relationship, so long as it consensual, and that they are both willing participators in this performance.

The age of consent should be raised to the age of 17, when one can marry without a parents consent, and have coitus if they wish to do so.  Before this time, copulation should be made illegal, and a prison sentence should be appended to it.



































Rolf Harris, Vanessa Feltz and Linda Nolan: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil



The TV presenter Vanessa Feltz and vocalist Linda Nolan have become the latest alleged prey of the convicted sex offender Rolf Harris to come forward with tales of abuse at the hands of the discredited children’s performer.


Now 52, Feltz, has characterized how Harris professedly put his hand within the boundaries of her knickers while she interviewed him live on TV during an episode of The Big Breakfast in 1996.

Nolan, 55, maintained she was barely 15 and touring with her sisters when Harris swoop down on her out of nowhere, fumbling, caressing and kissing her neckline till she had to ask him to stop.

The two luminaries have come forward openly for the first time following Harris, 84, was sentenced to five years and nine months in prison for a set of sexual assaults on girls as young as seven or eight.

Feltz said she had described her story to the police once the first accusations against Harris began to surface in 2012, and Scotland Yard reportedly obtained footage from The Big Breakfast to back up her claims.

They had evidently hoped to be able to submit it as part of Harris’s trial at Southwark Crown Court, however, were too late to give sufficient notice to defence lawyers.

Feltz told the Sunday Express Harris assaulted her during the time they were filming the “On The Bed” segment of the show in May 1996, and that Harris’s wife Alwen had been in the room at the time.

She stated she could sense Harris’s hand worming along up her leg but that she could not look down on account of, they were on live TV.

This is of course all speculation that it did in fact take place, or was it just a fabrication of her imagination, undoubtedly the camera’s or somebody behind the camera’s would have observed what was going on, and would have related something to somebody else, or even Harris’s wife Alwen would have observed something.

After all, Vanessa is a talk show entertainer, and it’s undeniable that she knows how to spin a fishy story, or even perhaps two. Plus this macho masculine man from Aussie must have had an impression on such a young lady at the time.

If this man knew precisely what he was doing and he was getting stimulated, doing what he was doing whilst he was on live T.V, then we must presume that other people must have realised as well, and if they didn’t was it just because they decide not to, and did Miss Feltz also refuse to say something for fear that she would lose the chance of a beneficial vocation, and lots of money, and Harris fumbling with her leg, as seedy as it was, was far better than an animate existence on the dole.

As Harris’s hand reached beneath the elastic of her knickers, Feltz paused the interview to go to an advert break and then leaped away from him, and he then behaved as if nothing had happened when they came back from the break.

In the meantime, Miss Nolan alleged she was only 15 and on tour with her sisters when Harris touched her bosoms in a hallway.

The star, 55, stated she was in a dressing gown and was on her way to get ready for a performance when Harris swoop down on her backstage at the performance in South Africa in 1975.

She said that he without any warning came out of nowhere and in seconds his hands were all over me.

He came right up to her and had her in an enormous bear embrace. His arms were all over my back, right about me so his hands were rubbing the sides of my breasts.

He stroked up and down and began kissing and tonguing the back of her neck.

Miss Nolan stated that Harris finally stopped, nevertheless, she was left feeling dumbstruck and mortified at the alleged assault.

Both women relinquished their legal right to anonymity to divulge the alleged abuse.

It does make you curious as to why both women did not come forward previously, and why they left it so late to say something, though back in the day there were a number of celebrity junkies who would follow luminaries about like puppy dogs so that they could get near them, and a number of these stars took supremacy of this, and it was disregarded on account of, it was simply accepted.

Nevertheless, what was not acknowledged back then, is greatly acknowledged now, and addressed with loathing. There is an indisputable abhorrence when it comes to stars being in the spotlight for things they had done in the past. That now is not consented to in the future.

In the wake of in the flourishing 60’s, flower power and potheads, sexual attraction was welcomed freely even if it was not voluntarily given.


There were a number of groupies, particularly of the female species. That were more occupied in relations with rock stars than their music, and the loyal female fan of a band or musical entertainer would append herself to a band. The groupie was more intense about her adored luminaries than the fans and they would tend to follow them from place to place.


They would in addition seek sexual or intimate contact. Obsessive groupies would almost certainly implicate themselves sexually with any members of the band including the roadies. Additionally, there are now groupies of sports teams and other sorts of celebrities.

Back then it was accepted quite wantonly, but now these people are now being brought to justice for matters that were merely accepted back in the day, but in today’s day and age are categorized as not tolerable, nevertheless, these events that took place are historical, and as long as they are never permitted to happen again, then they should stay historical, even though there are still numerous groupies about who follow their bands and celebrities about, and a few even marry them, nevertheless, a few stars misuse the privilege and should not be permitted to do so.

There should be lessons that should be ascertained from this…