What’s Actually In A Big Mac?

It’s a question that has crossed the mind of anybody that has ever bit into a Big Mac, and asks themselves. What actually goes into a McDonald’s burger? Urban myths regarding ingredients have rotated throughout the worldwide web for years, with claims of pink sludge chicken nuggets and beef burgers.

One YouTuber even puffed on a McDonald’s french fry in the past, claiming it demonstrated it was made up of damaging ingredients. Now the fast-food monster is serving up a new offensive which has bravely asked the public to ask any question they want about the food-production procedure.

Furthermore, to kick it off, they enrolled Grant Imahara, of TV’s Mythbusters, to verify their burgers are 100 per cent beef. A news crew from Good Morning America was also permitted entry to its food plant in Fresno, California, the first time the press has been permitted inside.

In a DVD entitled, “Is McDonald’s beef real?” presenter Imahara inquires on arrival to the inner-sanctum: “Are there lips and eyeballs in there?” Of course not, but there are other unwelcome critters in there that we don’t really want consumed.

In October of this year, a man who will not be named went into his neighbourhood store of McDonald’s in the UK, and ordered one of their bagels with filling inside, but when he looked inside he was greeted with way more than he bargained for.


Looking back at him was what looked like some type of insect, however, it was way more protein than he planned on consuming.

He complained to employees who were on duty at the time, and they said that evidently because of the extremely scorching summer that we’d had this year, the doors at the back of the restaurant had been opened, and insects and flies had been permitted to enter the building, and as a result into the food prep area.

I’m not sure if I feel more sad for the customers who ingest this kind of rubbish, or the insect that got cooked in the process.

We deal with all types of stuff everyday, and we manage really well when things don’t go right, however, when you sit down to your power lunch with your children in one of McDonald’s fast food chains, we do demand that it is fly and fuzz free.

Extreme Instances Of Head Lice

Millions of parasites crawl through a child’s hair each day, however, now there appears to be an outbreak of head lice in what experts have reported as an extreme case of head lice. This is where a mother is shown combing millions of bugs out of her daughter’s hair.

It shows a mother struggling to run a fine-toothed nit comb through her daughter’s rough locks, which appear to be filled with white and green creepy crawlies, as the camera centres on the comb, as countless wriggling lice is revealed.

Many infestations are extremely common in the United Kingdom, and in Europe, but not to this kind of level.

These kinds of cases are noted in cases of neglect of children or the elderly. It is further seen in cases of homeless people. Head Lice, also known as pediculosis capitis, are tiny bugs that exist in human hair, which grows to the size of a sesame seed.

They feed by biting the scalp and feeding on blood. The females lay eggs near to the root of the hair so they are kept warm by the scalp, and these then incubate into additional lice which reproduce and increase. In bad cases, children frequently develop a condition called plica polonica, where all the hairs get glued together and can’t be brushed.

To treat it, you have to cut off all the hair, because grooming and shampoo would not work. Nits are glued like a cement to the hair by the mother louse, extremely near to the skin. So you just have to cut the hair extremely short so the female lice don’t lay eggs.

Even if the child gets treatment, they will still get lice for about a year, as the old nits become perceptible. One underused procedure of treating head lice is to use antibiotics, because all human lice has a bacterium living inside them.

If you treat the person with antibiotics, it’s probable the lice will die, because it kills this bacterium inside of them, and they can’t remain alive without it. It also means that if head lice can be cured with antibiotics, why are we not treated with antibiotics in the first place, rather than having to pay out a cargo of cash on over the counter cures that frequently don’t always work, because any simple, mild antibiotic will kill the lice.
It is true that numerous parents don’t examine their children’s hair as much as they should, and that’s why some children end up with extremely severe head lice, and other children not so bad. Even so, what happened to the head lice caregiver that we used to see in schools many moons ago, they seem to be a thing of the past.

Health and safety took them away because they might offend someone, and in some schools, they won’t even send letters out to tell parents that it’s going around.

It’s probably one of the more vivid childhood memories among the over 30’s. At least once a year, the entire school would line up in the passageway, and stay there until you were seen by Nitty Nora the bug explorer, or then recognised as the “nit nurse”, who would prod around pupils’ heads looking for the revealing indications of an infestation of head lice.

Nora was phased out in the 1980s and 90s on the grounds that her attempts were intrusive and humiliating for children, and because a yearly school visit could not possibly stop every eruption. Instead, the burden was put on families to identify and treat. However, almost 30 years on, parents say the system is failing, and they want the nit nurse back.

In the last two years, there have been at least four petitions on the prime minister’s e-petitions website calling for the return of the nit nurse, and the matter is a hot subject among mothers on parental support websites. An ongoing online survey, carried out by netmums.com, reports that nearly 88% of parents want to see the nit nurse back in schools.

Personally, I’m convinced that bringing back the nit nurse as the main source of detection and treatment is the answer, but only on a uniform basis because even the nit nurse can miss an infested head, but I also believe that school nurses have a role to play in teaching parents, mainly during school holidays.

The whole matter of head lice seems to remain very stigmatised, and is seemingly an extremely difficult matter to raise. However, it’s not as complicated as we are told it is, as many mother’s will keep in touch with other mother’s to let them know there is an outbreak without feeling at all embarrassed. However, it’s less costly for the government to make you believe that it’s, just so they don’t have to pay out extra cash, and they will tell you that it’s because it’s against the child’s human rights, however, it’s okay for the child to walk about with nits, and pass it onto other children who also have a human right not to be infected. This is why you need somebody with medical understanding, who is respected by the community, to step in and get involved.

There is no shame in having head lice, head lice has been around for hundreds of years, and back when I was younger, going to see the nit nurse was no different then going to see the nurse to have your BCG, it was something you just done because you would sooner have nitty nora the bug explorer sift through your hair, than walking about scratching your head all day.

Over the years, there seems to be more and more that schools have no power on what occurs to your child when they’re in school. The duty is always on the parents, and there’s no caregiver to help a child if they are unwell whilst in school, because now they are all too worried that if they’re in contact with the child, they will be accused of doing something wrong, and will be hit with legal action.

A teacher can’t breathe without being worried regarding legal action by a parent, or the child. We’re so scared. That one day, our children might even be educated by robots, because after all, legal action can’t be taken against something that’s not human…

Visitants Will Be Charged £10 To See London’s Pyrotechnics On New Year’s Eve.

Mayor Boris Johnson declared revellers will be required to pay £10 to attend London’s fireworks display on New Year’s Eve, with just 100,000 tickets being made available to the public.

Last year, about half a million attended, and he stated that such tremendous numbers signified the event was unsupportable.

London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks are phenomenally sought-after, not merely in the capital, but across the world and Boris wants to ensure it remains a reliable, fun and a sustainable attraction for the long-term.

After consulting with partners, they’re introducing ticketing to help manage crowd numbers and create a better experience on the night.

For anybody without a ticket, the fireworks are again being displayed on T.V., meaning you can watch it in glorious HD colour without missing a single second.

Plus don’t forget, there are a lot of other New Year’s Eve celebrations to enjoy in bars, restaurants and clubs across the capital.

You’ll be able to book up to four tickets per person from Friday 26 September.

It was stated that they’re not introducing ticketing to make a gain, and that every single penny that is imposed for the ticket goes straight back into the costs of introducing ticketing, and means the cost of ticketing the event isn’t passed onto hardworking taxpayers.

The thing is that taxpayers will still pay towards it on account of, when paying tax we actually don’t know where our hard earned cash is going, we just accept everything that we’re told. We’re kept informed of what will take place, and we don’t in reality process it in our heads because we accept that’s what it is, and that there’s nothing we can do about it.

We’re conditioned to believe that this tax needs to be paid, and that if we pay it, it will yield to better us. This disappoints me greatly because this is simply not true because our taxes don’t rightfully go to the right places that we expect them to.

Figures disclose just how much hard-working Britons on low and middle incomes have to pay, and tax campaigners state we should get these figures every year.


Numerous taxpayers will be appalled at the thousands of pounds they give with regard to state handouts and town hall pensions.

Families may also be horrified to discover what they stump up for the European Union and overseas assistance.

Here the itemized Treasury figures in the appearance of a tax invoice break down precisely where your money goes on a scope of areas including health, education, police, transport and the environment.

We make payments for migration and border control, and in spite of it, the government is still letting them into our country. Therefore, if they’re still permitting newcomers into our homeland, we shouldn’t be required to compensate for border controls, and seeing as it was our government that consent to them coming in on account of, they were good inexpensive labour, why should we be required to compensate for their ultimate cock up?

We’re as well, paying for broadcast and publishing. If we’re making payments for broadcasting, then why on earth do we still pay for our television licence? It appears that everything we pay for when we pay our taxes we appear to pay double.

It was once when I was much younger that a couple would get joined in matrimony, they would usually both work, and before long they would purchase a house for themselves, and before long they would start a family. There were lots of social housing accessible back in the day before Margaret Thatchers reign on our society, however, some couples decided it would be exceedingly propitious to buy a house so that they had something for their children once they passed away.

And so, acquiring a house was more of an endowment for their children than anything else. Had they had no children, then social housing probably would have been more logical.

Therefore, back in the day a couple would purchase a home as an endowment for their children, and once a couple became too elderly to look after themselves. Many would go into care homes, which at the time were equipped by the republic. After all, you did a day’s work, and you worked hard all your life, at least that was something that you could look forward to, free from apprehension.

Now, 2014, the government would if they could, take the boogers from your grandmother’s nasal cavity if they could get away with it, and those boogers were made of gold.

Nothing is safe, your house is not safe, you’re not safe. 2014, we work, we get married, we purchase hour home, we have children. Once again, we still purchase our homes as an endowment for our children for when we pass on. Only this time when we get old and need a care home, we have to sell what we worked hard for all our lives to finance our care home, and guess what, we still had to pay our taxes.

So what did we actually work for, a home that we just have to sell to be looked after in a care home.

I frequently listen to people saying to one another that they bought their homes, which they’re actually proud of, and justly so. If you obtained your house free from a mortgage, then of course you should be so proud of it, it’s really yours. However, with a mortgage, by reason, it was not ever yours to begin with, it belongs to the bank till you pay off every penny of what you owe on it.

In that time, you could suffer job loss, or even be made redundant, as a large amount of people have been, and are still.

Then it’s taken back by the banks, and all you have to show for it is a big fat nothing, however, people concentrate more on what they have in the moment, than what they could end up with, because we live in our suburban life, with suburban neighbours, doing suburban things, in our Stepford village.

Then the government is dumbfounded when people don’t want to do a day’s work, well it’s not rocket science actually, but the government believes that because you come into this world with nothing, you should go out with nothing.

I know you can’t take it with you, but of course, we do want to earn a living for something that is retained after we’re dead and buried, and of course, most of us want to give that something back to our loved ones, and if not our loved ones, friends maybe, or some sort of organization of our choice, but certainly not back to the money clutching bloodsuckers that is described as government.

Leadership is all about taking what does not rightfully belong to them.

Some people are now declining to pay their tax because they state it’s providing to an unlawful and unethical war overseas, nevertheless, those who regulate the money control the man.

History explains to us that the most efficient way of combating illicit, inefficient or crooked government is to engage in a tax revolt. The refusal of the people to pay taxes, because without the money to compensate for their pursuits, Governments are weak.

Now we get the historic chance to engage in a lawful tax rebellion. Under the laws of war citizens are prohibited from taking part in armed conflict on the side of the attacker and are lawfully obliged to resist orders to support or take part in an unlawful war of offensive.

This lawful responsibility to refuse to comply with illegal orders includes tax demands. If governments use the cash raised by imposing taxes to wage unlawful war or to assault and murder civilians, then under international law a taxpayer’s normal obligation to pay tax is reversed and changes into a liability to hold back tax.

Each of the wars fought since 2001 in opposition to Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya is unlawful. Not only does the use of armed force break the Treaty for the Renunciation of War and the UN Charter, but by murdering 1million adults and 450,000 children, the leaders and taxpayers of Coalition, NATO and ISAF governments committed murder, war crimes, crimes in the face of humanity and genocide.

It may come as a shock to numerous law abiding inhabitants that, under international criminal law and the legal doctrine of joint enterprise, every British, NATO or ISAF inhabitant who has paid tax since October 2001 is technically an accomplice to the war crimes, offences in the face of mankind and genocides perpetrated by ISAF Governments toward the Afghan people and is criminally subject for imprisonment, prosecution and punishment as a chief offender.

You will be pleased to know however that the enactment renders relief for taxpayers who were misled into believing the war was lawful and ignorantly supported the offences. Providing you stop your support in the offences at once and hold back all taxes from your government and its representatives you will not be disciplined for helping and assisting the crimes.

One efficient way of holding back tax from Parliament and Government is to place all tax payments into escrow accounts retained by a third party such as a bank or a court.

The money cannot be made public to the tax collector till the terms of the escrow are met.

In this case, because members of Britain’s Parliament and Government have dishonored the laws of war and perpetrated severe offences toward the Afghan, Iraqi and Libyan people, the terms of the escrow can be set to guarantee that the money will not be handed over till such time as all ISAF Parliaments and Governments have stopped the war with Afghanistan, ended the use of coercion, discharged the troops and commenced criminal proceedings toward those accountable for war crimes.

War is basically an immoral thing. Its results are not restricted to the belligerent states alone, but influence the whole world. To start a war of attack therefore, is not only a universal crime. It is the highest international crime varying only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated wickedness of the whole.

In judicial procedure, it is an offence of accessory to murder for a person to aid an action of murder by a third party by furnishing the perpetrator with the means for the empowering of the crime.

The method can be anything which the murderer uses to perpetrate the offence, such things as the weaponry, the weapons training supplied to the perpetrators or assassins, the getaway vehicle, the raw materials, tools and stocks required for the delegation of the offence, the housing, offices and facilities put to use to organise the crime, and the most significant means of all, the money to pay for everything linked with the crime.

By using taxpayers’ money to enlist, prepare, equip, supply and pay HM armed forces to partake in illicit wars and armed assaults in which innocent Afghan, Iraqi and Libyan citizens were murdered entirely because of their nationality, the United Kingdom Government perpetrated genocide and ignorantly implicated all United Kingdom taxpayers as accomplices to the worst offences known to humanity.

For all these reasons taxpayers are lawfully obliged to decline to pay tax and to continue to refuse to pay tax till the United Kingdom Government halts the killing, stops its unlawful wars, ceases all forbidden use of armed force, starts criminal proceedings against British war criminals, stops purchases of armament, eliminates all employment in HM Armed Forces, decommissions weaponry and military tools and substantiates conclusively that it is abiding by war law and the terms of the UN Charter.

We have been commemorating New Year’s Eve in London for many years, and will presumably continue to do so, but of course, presently, it is not sustainable to continue this unless we’re charged for it, then it becomes sustainable. Unless the government is making money off us, then we are not sustainable, and we’re not worthy of pleasure unless we’re paying for it, and the government is generating a profit.

The entire thing is about an economic accumulation, to obtain funds, whatever the damage, even if it denotes sacrificing another human life, because if you’re living, and you’re not sustainable, then the government can’t feed off you like parasites. They freeload off you, and give nothing in return, however, we still continue to live in our little suburban lives, and we continue to endure, to scrape by, and all the time attacking one another because that’s what the government wants us to do.

Human cultivation has been the most lucrative, and destructive. Human society can’t be logically understood till it’s looked at for what it is, a set of farms where human farmers own human cattle. However, some people get confused because governments provide healthcare, water, education and roads, and consequently envisage that there’s some kindness at work.

We’re permitted certain freedoms, and hence believe that our government defends our liberties. Nothing could be further from reality. In your country, your tax farm, your farmer allows you certain liberties not because he’s interested about your freedoms, but because he wants to extend his profits.

Under the Democratic representation, direct slave ownership has been re established by the Mafia model. The Mafia seldom owns businesses directly, however, sends thugs around once a month to thieve from the business owners.

So you are allowed to pick your own occupation, which lifts your productivity, and consequently the taxes you can pay to your masters. Your few liberties are protected because they’re lucrative to your owners.

To keep the tax livestock securely in the compounds of the ruling divisions is a three phase method.

The first was to brainwash the young through government schooling. As the wealth of democratic nations grew, government schools were universally forced upon in order to dominate the thoughts and intelligences of the livestock.

The second is to turn citizens against each other through the creation of the dependent livestock.

It’s extremely difficult to control human beings directly through coercion, but if human beings think that they’re free, then they will yield much more for their farmers. The best way to preserve this illusion of freedom is to put some of the livestock on the payroll of the farmer. Those cows that become reliant on the existing chain of command will then assault any other cows who point out the violence, hypocrisy and immorality of human ownership.

Freedom is slavery, and slavery is freedom, and if you can get the cows to attack each other whenever anybody brings up the reality of their situation, then you don’t have to spend nearly as much time controlling them directly, because anybody who demands freedom from ownership will say that will harm your fellow cows, consequently shifting the moral liability for the destructiveness of a violent system to those who call for real freedom.

The third stage is to devise persistent external intimidation, so that the terrified livestock clings to the safekeeping of the farmers.

Economic freedoms produce money, and the money allures more thieves and political freeloaders, whose greediness then ruins the financial freedoms. The government that starts off the smallest will invariably end up the largest. This is why there can be no viable and sustainable alternative to a truly free and peaceful society.

Spain Agrees With Sephardic Jew Citizenship Plan

Spain’s cabinet agreed with a proposal permitting descendants of Jews compelled into expulsion centuries ago the prerogative of dual citizenship, however, stated applicants will have to take a Spanish culture examination in addition to having their ancient bond to the country vetted by experts.

Sephardi Jews who want to put in an application must have their heritage reviewed by the Spanish Federation of Jewish Communities or by rabbis where they live. The culture test will be prepared by the Cervantes Institute, which encourages Spanish language and culture abroad.

The plan proposes to fix what the government calls the historic mistake of propelling Jews into exile arising in 1492, coercing them to change to Catholicism or burning them at the stake throughout the Inquisition. It is expected to pass effortlessly in Parliament because the ruling Popular Party has an absolute winning margin.

Reformation will permit coupling citizenship, authorizing the recently minted Spaniards to hold their preceding citizenship. Spain currently allows that perquisite exclusively to Latin Americans. With this gesture, Spain is doing justice and correcting the error that led to the banishment of the Jews.

The word Sephardic means Spanish in Hebrew, however, the label has come as well to apply to one of the two principal variants of Jewish religious practice. The other, and globally dominant one, is Ashkenazic, which applies to Jews whose genealogy, in recent times, is traced to northern and eastern Europe.

On account of the mixing connecting the classes and other factors, there is no recognised figure for the global Sephardic inhabitants. Sensible evaluations would span between a fifth and a third of the world’s approximately 13 million Jews. Hundreds of thousands reside in France and already have EU passports. However, the biggest area is located in Israel, where all but half of the 6 million Jews are reflected as Sephardic.

Australian Couple Desert Surrogate Down’s Syndrome Baby

The six-month-old boy, refer to as Gammy, also has a congenital heart condition and requires pressing medical treatment.  Pattaramon Chanbua was left to care for him after his Australian parents only wanted his healthy twin sister.

She was paid $15,000 (£9,000) to be a surrogate for the couple, whose identities remain unknown.  Mrs Pattaramon was told of the child’s condition four months after becoming pregnant and the couple requested her to have a termination of pregnancy, however, she declined, stating it was against her Buddhist faith.

The 21-year-old, who already has two children, states she cannot afford to pay for the costly treatment to deal with his life-threatening heart condition.  The cash that was put forth was a lot for her, but in her mind, with that money, she could educate her children, and could repay her debts.

Thai newspaper Thairath issued Gammy’s story last week, and an online campaign to raise cash for his medical care, which was started soon after.  So far hundreds of people have given more than $120,000 (£70,000) towards the fund’s $150,000 (£90,000) goal.

There were also dozens of tidings of help for Gammy and her mother, and some stating abuse at the Australian couple’s actions.

“May this selfish and heartless couple be exposed and shamed for this horrible neglect!” one criticism stated.

It is unlawful to compensate for surrogacy in Thailand.  Surrogacy can be done in Thailand, however, it has to comply with the legal process.  A surrogate has to be related to the proposed parents and no money can be implicated.

Thailand Australia Surrogacy-1

Even if it is unlawful or not, when a couple agrees to surrogacy, then they have consented to take on that newborn after the mother has given delivery to it.  It should not matter even if that baby is disabled or not, they have consented, which then becomes an agreement.

When a surrogate mother consents to harvest a child for a couple, she is putting faith in that couple to hold up their end of the agreement.  It may not be a legal agreement, nevertheless, it is an agreement of trust, which the surrogate mother believes will be sustained.

Even though the couple had requested the woman to have the gestation stopped, it was in opposition to her sacred credos, and therefore, she did not want to stop the pregnancy, and rightfully so.  She has a lawful reason for not wanting to terminate, however, now that the baby has been born, she is not in a position to provide medical care for the child.

This should be a warning to all couples looking for a surrogate mother, and when considering this method of birthing a child, it should be considered that if the couple was having a child themselves in the normal sense, if that baby was born with a disability, would they love that child any less, or would they discontinue the pregnancy, or give the child up for adoption?

Life is an extremely fragile thing, and when a child is born, that child should be looked upon as precious, even if it is disabled.  A life is a life, and should not be looked upon as spoiled just because it has something disproportionate about it.

This child did not ask to be born, and therefore, it is the duty of the person or persons seeking its life to be accountable for it.




We Need Freedom From Revenge And Loathing

russell brand

In Russell Brand’s response to Sean Hannity, where he reprimanded Sean Hannity’s coverage of Gaza by asking Hannity to come back to humanity. Sean Hannity at that point raised his voice and said that Russell Brand was simple-minded and uneducated, following Brand’s questioning of Sean Hannity on the way he had dealt with a Palestinian hospitality on his show.

Nevertheless, Russell Brand plucked apart every angle of Sean Hannity’s response, although he made sure to say that Hannity had an idiot living inside his head.

Except of course everything that he stated was real because as Russell stated, we are human beings, and of course, Sean is as well. Plus he does need to come back to humanity, and by what happened in the front of the camera’s, Sean does look like he’s lost himself.

It’s a carnival out there, and everything is in chaos. Yet people like Sean Hannity think it’s really funny to laugh at the face of death. In fact, Sean Hannity is the Grim Reaper. He assembles all this news which he accepts as true, and then twists it until it becomes complete balderdash.

Sean Hannity needs to keep in mind that it could be his families lives that are being seized, so he shouldn’t be so glib about it. However, it appears to be that everyone wants to fight the good fight, no one wants to give an inch, and that can’t be good for anyone.

There is a further option, nevertheless, we don’t really want that to take place because surely no one actually wants to die, but it just takes one person to embark upon a war in opposition to somebody else. It appears that no one really wants to die prematurely, yet we find it so effortless to do just that, and then we have the boldness to grieve that our loved ones have been taken away from us.

What’s more relevant, a portion of the soil that everyone could live on together, or the fact that we are slaying innocent people on both sides of the barricade.

Human beings are extremely bizarre creatures, because we need to own, and it doesn’t matter what it is. That’s why owning slaves came about because the white man needed to possess something… If you want to own something, get a Dog or a Cat, because you wouldn’t even treat your Dog or Cat the same as a human being, in fact, the animal would get treated with more superiority, and why, because it doesn’t answer back, it doesn’t have a considered judgement, and it doesn’t have the right to possess something.

Ascending Flow of Anti-Semitism In Britain

Jewish people in Great Britain are suffering a backlash of assaults, bomb threats and anti-Semitic abuses fuelled by the butchery taking place in Gaza. More than 100 hate violations have been recorded by police and community groups this month, more than double the usual number.

Community protection organizations worry the result could be the second highest ever recorded, following an explosion of rampage during the 2009 Gaza war. In several upsetting instances the aggressors have invoked the Holocaust and even screamed: Heil Hitler at victims.

A rabbi was assaulted by four Muslim teens outside a Jewish boarding school in Gateshead in one of the most brutal episodes. In Belfast, bricks were flung at the city’s only Jewish synagogue, smashing windows on two continuous nights.

Groups of Asian men sang Heil Hitler as they drove through a Jewish area of Manchester, flinging projectiles at innocent bystanders. In north London, one pro-Israel organisation received a phone bomb warning and a Jewish boy riding a bicycle had a stone flung at his head by a woman in a niqab.

More than 100 episodes have been reported to the Community Security Trust (CST), a charitable institution that helps to defend Jews, since the start of this month. The wave in assaults and intimidation succeeds a comparable trend in 2009, when up to 1,400 Palestinians were massacred during the Gaza war.


The figures have at least doubled in what the community safety group would expect to see.

There is at least double the number of occurrences that would be expected, however, the situation is not out of hand, as is the case in France. The public is aware and alert but not panicking and life continues exactly how it should be.

More than 1,000 Palestinians, largely civilians, have died as an outcome of Israel’s military strikes in opposition to Hamas, Gaza’s Islamist leaders, since the inception of the dispute.

Images of the killing and large-scale destruction of poor localities have led to global condemnation of the violence. Forty Israeli soldiers and three civilians have also died in clashes aimed at stopping Hamas discharging missiles across the border.

In Britain, nonviolent rallies in opposition to the violence have been marred by despicable placards including one declaring: Hitler you were right! At a Central London march, demonstrators confronted a Jewish woman with her two young children and told them: Burn in hell. 

Thousands of demonstrators marched in central London in opposition to Israel’s military campaign in Gaza.

Activists and followers of the Palestinian cause assembled outside the Israeli embassy in Kensington, West London, prior to advancing towards Parliament Square.

Conveying Palestinian flags and placards with catchwords such as Stop the Killing and Free Palestine, the demonstrators sang Israel is a terror state, Gaza don’t you cry, we will never let you die and Allahu Akbar (god is great).

There has been also been a blast of anti-Semitic abuse on social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. One man called for a Jewish locality in London to be blown up so Jews feel the pain of the Palestinians.

In a separate event, a BBC journalist was reproached after appearing to hint Western politicians failed to intervene in the Middle East because they had been bought by the Jews.

The anti-Semitic reaction has been reflected on the other side of the Channel where there have been even more violent displays.

Thousands of police officers were deployed in Berlin as the authorities in Paris endeavored to forbid additional marches.

Demonstrators in France, which has the world’s third biggest Jewish inhabitants, have stormed Jewish synagogues, smashed the windows of Jewish-owned professions and set others blaze.

In Germany, an Imam reportedly called on Demonstrators in France and the Jewish people have been assaulted in the street. Police officers had to step in to defend an Israeli tourist couple from demonstrators who stormed at them yelling Jew! We’ll get you.